EBA Strategic Plan

To promote professional excellence in the practice of energy law.

EBA’s Mission Statement

The mission of EBA is to promote the professional excellence and ethical integrity of its members in the practice, administration, and development of energy laws, regulations and policies by providing:

  • superior educational programming,
  • networking opportunities, and
  • information resources.

EBA’s Core Values

The Energy Bar Association is Responsive and Dynamic

Evidenced in a commitment to fiscal responsibility, ethical decision-making, subject matter excellence, valuable high quality programming, reliable communications, and continuous consideration of our members’ current and anticipated needs.

The Energy Bar Association is Inclusive and Collegial

Evidenced in a dedication to the value of diverse perspectives, dedication to providing opportunities for learning and community in a position neutral organization, and appreciation of personal and business connections that enhance our members’ professional lives.

Strategic Goals 2013-2015

Goal 1: Educational Programming

EBA members will achieve and maintain professional excellence through subject matter expertise, ethical behavior and leadership in the energy industry.

Goal 2: Networking Opportunities

All members will find readily accessible opportunities to interact collegially with the energy community.

Goal 3: Information Resources

EBA and the public will have efficient, cost-effective access to balanced, accurate, broad–ranging, foundational, cutting-edge, substantive information.

Goal 4: Membership Growth

As a result of growing diversity among energy practitioners, and providing additional educational programming and networking opportunities, EBA will expand its membership.