Young Lawyers & Students – Law School “Road Show”

The YLC is excited to present the law school “Road Show” program.  Through this program, young lawyers and seasoned practitioners visit law schools to present students with information about the practice of energy law, spark discussions on recent developments, and answer questions.


What is the Road Show Program?

  • A 30-minute presentation developed by industry experts.
  • Designed to provide the basics and demonstrate why energy law is a viable and interesting field of work.
  • Customizable, allowing you to share your personal experience.
  • Can be used at colleges, universities, internally at energy companies and law firms.

Benefits in Brief

  • Educate future lawyers about the energy law profession.
  • Attract new talent to this line of practice.
  • Encourage law professors to include our energy law in their teaching curriculum.
  • Attract more academics to our field of practice.

Download These Presenter Tools:



Lisa A. Levine
Executive Director
(202) 223.5625