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Paul E. Nordstrom Award submission criteria - due Aug 1, 2019

Among members of the energy bar, Paul Nordstrom was held in very high esteem. Nordstrom, who was a partner at Verner Liipfert , former EBA President and the guiding force in creating the Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association (CFEBA), was one of the country's leading energy attorneys representing a variety of clients in the electric power industry on regulatory and power supply matters. In recognition of his influence, his service and his impact on the Association, EBA established the Paul E. Nordstrom Service Award following his passing in 2008. Today, we are calling upon EBA members to offer suggestions on candidates for the award named in his honor.

The award honors and recognizes exemplary long-term service or a particularly significant example of public service to the community through the EBA, CFEBA or Foundation of the Energy Law Journal. Exemplary community service outside of these organizations also may be considered. A nominee must be a current or former member of EBA. A final nominee will be determined by the Board of Directors for EBA and CFEBA. The first award was given to Paul posthumously. In the years that followed, A. Karen Hill, Sheila S. Hollis, Richard Meyer, Freddi L. Greenberg, William A. Mogel, Paul B. Mohler, Robert Fleishman, Michael Stosser, and and 2018 recipient, Sue Kelly have been honored.

“Paul Nordstrom was beloved by energy lawyers for his service, his bravery, and his vision,” said Fleishman when he received the award at EBA's 2016 Mid-Year Energy Forum.

If you would like to recommend a candidate for the Paul E. Nordstrom Service Award, please provide your recommendation by email to Robert FleishmanEmma Hand and Bob Weishaar by August 1, 2019

´╗┐Please include detailed background information and why you believe the candidate you are suggesting should be considered for the award. We greatly appreciate your assistance and look forward to hearing from you.

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