Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Adopted 2017, Amended 2021


The Energy Bar Association (“EBA”), the Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association (“CFEBA”), and the Foundation of the Energy Law Journal (“FELJ”) (jointly referred to as the “Associations”) are committed to the goals of fostering an inclusive and diverse membership and increasing diversity across all levels of the Associations.  Attorneys, Energy Professionals and Students with varied and diverse characteristics practicing in the energy field are welcome to join our ranks and are encouraged to become active participants in the Associations’ activities. 


For all purposes within this Policy and its application across the Associations, “diversity” and “diverse characteristics” will include but not necessarily be limited to differences in race, creed, color, ethnicity, Native American, Alaska, or Hawaiian Native tribal membership or descendance, gender (including gender identity or expression), sexual orientation, family and marital status (including pregnancy), family responsibilities, religion, national origin, age, personal appearance, political affiliation, veteran status, disability, source of income (government, solo, corporate, or firm practices), or place of residence or business (geographic diversity).


The Associations recognize that the goals of increasing membership diversity and ensuring that diversity is reflected across all levels of the Associations cannot be achieved without the unequivocal support of, and sustained effort by, the Associations’ leadership.  Therefore, the Associations’ leadership and all members holding positions with powers of appointment must be mindful of this Diversity and Inclusion Policy and are expected to the best of their ability to work actively to promote diversity and inclusion within the Associations.  Active promotion of diversity and inclusion within the Associations shall include, but not be limited to, making good faith efforts to: 


Periodically review EBA’s methods for soliciting members, undertaking outreach efforts, and structuring membership benefits with the aim of appealing to as broad and diverse a group of eligible professionals as possible.


Extend high-visibility opportunities such as speaking engagements and panel participation to individuals reflecting diverse characteristics, in order to encourage the membership of, and the active engagement of broadly diverse groups.


Consider in connection with appointment decisions (such as board memberships, officer positions, committee or chapter leadership, speaking/panel opportunities, or publishing and editing opportunities), individuals who possess diverse characteristics, as identified in the EBA definition of Diversity, that are underrepresented in these positions in order to:  (1) actively welcome and encourage all persons to contribute and participate; and (2) strive for diversity across such positions.


Encourage pro-diversity policies in the many companion and sub-groups of the Associations, including Committees, Chapters, and Councils and in particular by the Professional Education Council.


Present this Policy in all orientation and training materials; presentations, and meetings; and to candidates under consideration by the Nominating Committee.


Include in the Associations’ programming, from time to time, programming, training, and materials that promote diversity in the energy sector.


To advance this Policy, there will be an annual presentation of a report by each Association’s Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator to the EBA Board of Directors detailing all initiatives and efforts taken over the course of each year to foster diversity and inclusion within the Association, and outlining any newly recommended measures for the Board’s consideration.


In furtherance of this Policy, all the Associations’ Officers and Directors shall submit a signed statement once per year indicating that they have received, read, understand and acknowledge the Diversity and Inclusion Policy.