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We know this has been a tough year for everyone. Despite this unprecedented crisis, however, the Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association (CFEBA) still needs your help! 

Before COVID-19 hit we were presented the opportunity to help the Yurok Tribe, the largest federally recognized Indian Tribe in California. The Yurok are working to build a micro-grid that would allow the Tribe to maintain critical services and operations during extended power outages and emergencies, including during the wildfires that increasingly threaten the area. Because of the remote location of the Yurok Reservation, grid electricity remains unavailable to over 40% of the residents living on the reservation and roughly 40% of the families living in the area are below the federal poverty level.   

By helping the CFEBA raise funds this month, you can support phase two of the Tribe’s three phase micro-grid plan, the installation of a 24 kW photovoltaic system on the rooftop of the Tulley Creek Wildland Fire Center, which is a necessary component of the Tribe’s micro-grid. Learn More about Yurok Tribe

The pandemic is hitting the Yurok hard and the fires are posing an increasing threat to the tribe and their energy supply.  Moreover, the pandemic forced the Charitable Foundation to cancel our Annual Fundraising Gala eliminating our largest annual fundraising 

The availability of affordable energy is one of the World's critical issues impacting public health, safety and education. CFEBA has a track record that we believe should make you proud of supporting projects to advance the goal of making affordable and environmentally sustainable energy available to all.

Here is a short list of just some of the CFEBA supported projects that have enriched and even saved the lives of many. 

  • $100,000 to secure the safety of thousands by providing solar systems to primary health care centers located throughout Puerto Rico. 
  • $150,000 to assist 560 families in Bolivia to receive electricity for the first time, completely transforming their lives in terms of education, economic opportunity and safety
  • $95,000 to install HVAC in a D.C. residence shelter for women and children who have been victims of domestic violence (My Sister’s Place)
  • Over $90,000 to provide life-changing access to clean water to the 4,600 people in the Akuyam Village of Uganda.
  • $18,000 to install solar panels on schools in Cambodia and Uganda and $6,300 to install solar water heaters at a primary school in Tibet;
  • $25,000 to purchase high efficiency appliances installed in a HUD funded D.C. housing project to provide independent living for persons with disabilities;
  • $15,000 to fund the replacement of windows in a 15-apartment emergency shelter and transitional housing facility in Massachusetts;
  • $35,000 to facilitate home rehabilitation or for construction of new energy efficient homes for low-income families in D.C., Northern Virginia and Tennessee; $17,500 for the development of renewable energy in rural areas of the United States.
  • $30,000 to support the Solar Cooker Project for refugees from the genocide in Darfur, Sudan, which helped reduce the need for women and children to scavenge for wood outside their camps with attendant risk of rape or death.

Without your support, the level of charitable activity described above would not have been possible and without your continued support it cannot be repeated.

GivingTuesday’s messages of hope, connection, and community have never been more needed! Everyone can have an impact on #GivingTuesday! Join CFEBA on December 1 to support the Yurok Tribe. Learn More about Yurok Tribe




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1) We invite and encourage other firms and companies to offer matching contributions as well! If you are interested in participating in a matching fund, please contact: Michele L. Smith, Senior Manager, Marketing & Member Relations at or at 202-499-5841.

Together we give. Corporate Contributions

2) In conjunction with this fundraising initiative, CFEBA is pleased to invite you to join us for Virtual Happy Hour and whiskey tasting presentation, December 1st from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM ET.

Join CFEBA and EBA Board of Directors and our Honored guests from the comfort of your couch! Don't forget your favorite whiskey-  Registration includes a $25 donation to benefit CFEBA's good works. MORE DETAILS TO COME!

3) If you have not yet already, we encourage you to make a personal contribution to CFEBA and help CFEBA reach our #GivingTuesday goal of $50,000! 

Thank You to All CFEBA 2020 Individual DONORS

Donna Attanasio
Nancy E. Bagot
Vicky A. Bailey
James Beh
Paul N. Belval
Stan Berman
James Bixby
Harold Blindernan
Lawrence Brenner
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Steve Herman
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David Hunger
Eric Hurlocker
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Meredith Jolivert
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