CFEBA Bahamian Disaster Relief Effort



Last month Category 5 Hurricane Dorian completely devastated the northern islands of the Bahamas. Entire communities have been wiped out, people are still missing and recovery is going to take years. The effects of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas were among the worst of any natural disaster in the country.


The Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association is asking EBA members to support a substantial Disaster Relief Effort in the Bahamas.  The CFEBA is excited to support World Central Kitchen, Inc. ("WCK"), a nonprofit charity founded by celebrity chef José Andrés to create smart solutions to hunger and poverty around the world. By partnering with organizations on the ground and activating a network of food trucks and emergency kitchens, WCK provides freshly made, nutritious meals to survivors of disasters quickly and effectively.

WCK captured world-wide attention when Chef Andrés traveled to Puerto Rico two years ago, after Hurricane Maria, to see how WCK could help. That simple gesture grew into a massive relief effort: Chef Andrés mobilized a network of chefs and more than 20,000 volunteers to serve nearly 4 million meals across the island.


 WCK Relief Team arrived days ahead of Dorian’s landfall, setting up headquarters in Nassau, 80 miles south of the storm’s eye – and outside its path of major destruction.  They transported thousands of pounds of food and supplies and began delivering meals to makeshift shelters across the Northern Bahamas. This relief operation to deliver meals by whatever means necessary has included the use of 30 vehicles, 5 helicopters, 2 seaplanes, a 220-foot ship, an amphibious vehicle, and 4 speedboats to more than 250 delivery locations!  World Central Kitchen has now served over 1 million meals to Dorian victims across the northern islands!

The road to recovery is going to be long and challenging and requires power and energy! With your help, CFEBA will provide a grant for WCK’s energy-specific expenditures, including generators, power banks, solar panels, fuel for delivering meals to remote areas, and a desalination unit. Donate now to support this monumental effort to feed Hurricane Dorian's Bahamian victims.

We appreciate EBA members and friends for always responding with generosity to the call for energy-related disaster relief efforts. Please give today and #SupportCFEBAReliefEfforts. Together we can make an impact!