Cornerstone Project 2019




The Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association (CFEBA) is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors approved a $100,000 grant to Educate Haiti. Educate Haiti’s mission is to assist Haitians in the development of schools, including buildings, equipment, teachers and educational leaders, so that all Haitian children and adolescents may have the opportunity for a quality education–this is the key to their empowerment enabling them to pursue their dreams and improve their country.


Educate Haiti will use the funds provide solar power for lights and fans for all the classrooms in the high school, elementary school and the pre-school in Durissy, Haiti. This will also provide power to support a future computer lab in the high school and a resource room to be used by the elementary and pre-school. In addition, future funding will be sourced to fund a library that can be used by the schools and the community.


This grant will help in the charitable work that Educate Haiti is performing. The school in Durissy, Haiti is educating 427 students in an area of total illiteracy. Last May, marked the first graduating class. The area is mainly involved in subsistence farming, with some of the population considering them-selves "vendors." This means they take what excess produce they have, place it on a blanket, and attempt to sell it in the nearest town, so they can buy rice and beans. The efforts of educating these students will provide employment opportunity for them and provide a higher standard of living. These buildings are also used for village meetings and shelter during hurricanes. Currently, 427 students are enrolled in the schools, and it is estimated there are an additional 700 citizens in the two mile area surrounding the schools.


In the past, students have been dismissed from school early in the afternoon because of the temperature. Providing fans and lights will enable students to attend school at least an additional hour per day. Their entire class time will be improved because of the enhanced quality of lighting and the improvement of the climate within the classroom.


Thanks to the support of EBA members, we are able to once again provide funding to improve lives worldwide with affordable and environmentally sustainable energy.