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Primers, 2015

library EBA Primer Series: An Introduction to Federal Oil Pipeline Regulation

Annual Chapter Meetings, 2015

library Northeast Chapter Annual Meeting

library Rocky Mountain Chapter Annual Meeting

library Western Chapter Annual Meeting



Free_iconondemand FERC Enforcement Reforms 



Mid-Year Meeting, October 23-24, 2013

Free_iconlibrary Day 1 Handouts

Free_iconlibrary Day 2 Handouts

Annual Chapter Meetings, 2013

Free_iconlibrary Rocky Mountain Chapter – June 21

Free_iconlibrary Northeast Chapter– June 5

Free_iconlibrary Midwest Chapter – March 5

Other Events, 2013

Free_iconlibrary Cyber Security: Protecting the Energy Industry Against Cyber Threats - December 5

Free_iconlibrary Electricity and Natural Gas Coordination: As Winter Approaches, Regulators and the Energy Industry Respond – October 8

Free_iconlibrary Mitigating Investment Risks in Emerging Energy Markets: A Focus on Africa - May 29

Free_iconlibrary Market-Based Rates Primer Lessons from the Trenches - April 23

Free_iconlibrary ISO/RTO Financial Products and Recent Trends in FERC Enforcement – April 3

Free_iconlibrary East Coast Solar Infrastructure Development: Incentives and Barriers - What is Working and What is Not: An examination of Incentives, Finance, Technologies and Interregional compatibility of RECs Driving Solar development in the Northeast - February 27

Free_iconlibrary International Implications of Shale Gas Development: Comparative Perspectives within Europe and the United States - February 6



EBA Annual Meeting

Free_iconlibrary EBA Sixty-Sixth Annual Meeting - April 26

Annual Chapter Meetings

Free_iconlibrary Northeast Chapter – June 6

Free_iconlibrary Midwest Chapter – March 13

Free_iconlibrary Western Chapter – February 24

Other Events

Free_iconlibrary Gathering, Processing, and Other Midstream Agreements - December 13

Free_iconlibrary Innovative Smart Grid Projects – Legal and regulatory issues generally and in comparison to those presented by certain recent innovative projects - November 7

Free_iconlibrary Financing Offshore Wind Projects in the United States – October 25

Legal and Regulatory Issues Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing of Oil and Gas Shale Formations – October 11

Free_iconlibrary California’s Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Program Begins - October 10

Free_iconlibrary Current Issues in Natural Gas Generation - September 27

Free_iconlibrary Current Issues and Challenges in Electric Transmission Siting –September 25

Free_iconlibrary New Developments in Enforcement and Compliance at PHMSA - June 11

Free_iconlibrary An In-Depth Look at Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators for Lawyers and Energy Professionals - April 25

Free_iconlibrary Powering Your Ride in the New Millennium: The Future of Natural Gas and Electric Vehicles - April 19

Free_iconlibrary Transmission as a Facilitator of Alternative Energy Development: State and Federal Perspectives in the PJM, NYISO and ISO-New England Regions – April 10

Free_iconlibrary Pipeline Construction under NGA Section 7 vs. NGPA section 311 -- March 21

Free_iconlibrary Pipeline Construction under Blanket Certificate Authority – February 22

Free_iconlibrary Oil Pipelines 101 – February 14

Free_iconlibrary Changes in Mileage Sensitive Pipeline Rates – February 2

Free_iconlibrary Best Practices in Drafting FERC Settlement Agreements – January 31

Free_iconlibrary Privatization of Energy Infrastructure - January 26

Free_iconlibrary Compliance and Enforcement Issues - January 19



EBA Annual Meeting

Free_iconlibrary EBA Sixty-Fifth Annual Meeting - May 5

Mid-Year Energy Forum

Free_iconlibrary 2011 Mid-Year Meeting – December 1


Free_iconlibrary Primer for Lawyers and Energy Professionals on Legal Practice and Administrative Procedure – Unlocking the Mysteries: Everything You Didn’t Know about FERC Practice – December 2

Free_iconlibrary Spring Primer on Impending EPA Regulations Affecting the Power Sector for Lawyers and Energy Professionals - May 4

Annual Chapter Meetings

Free_iconlibrary Northeast Chapter - June 7

Free_iconlibrary Midwest Chapter - March 15

Free_iconlibrary Western Chapter - February 25

Other Events

Free_iconlibrary Transmission as a Facilitator of Alternative Energy Development: A MISO/SPP/PJM Regional Perspective – November 17

Free_iconlibrary Smart Grid Update - October 24

Free_iconlibrary Emerging Generation Technologies: Existing Incentives, the Impact of Incentives on Financing and Development and What Lies Ahead - October 20

Free_iconlibrary Regulation of LNG Exports -- September 27

Free_iconlibrary Views and Perspectives on FERC Order No. 1000 -- September 14

Free_iconlibrary Pioneering the Path Forward:  Lessons Learned and the Future of Pipeline Incident Crisis Management -- September 19

Free_iconlibrary EBA Houston Chapter Meeting - Texas Update - July 28

Free_iconlibrary Lessons Learned from Self-Reporting Alleged Violations to the FERC and CFTC - Practitioners’ Perspectives – July 28

Free_iconlibrary What FERC Counsel Should Know About The Commission’s E-Filing Procedures - June 23

Free_iconlibrary US-Canadian Energy Trade: An Update on Projects and Policy - June 22

Free_iconlibrary Natural Gas 101: An Operational Perspective - May 26



EBA Annual Meeting

Free_iconlibrary EBA Sixty-Fourth Annual Meeting - April 29

Mid-Year Energy Forum

Free_iconlibrary 2010 Mid-Year Meeting - December 9


Free_iconlibrary Primer on Enforcement and Compliance in Energy Markets - December 10

Free_iconlibrary 2010 Reliability Primer - April 28

Annual Chapter Meetings

Free_iconlibrary 2010 Northeast Chapter Annual Meeting - June 16

Free_iconlibrary Western Chapter - February 19

Other Events

Free_iconlibrary Climate Change & Emissions Committee - April 7

Free_iconlibrary Power Generation and Marketing Committee - February 24

Free_iconlibrary Regional Differences In Wind Development In PJM, New York And New England - February 3



Free_iconlibrary Smart Grid Primer - December 4



Free_iconlibrary Houston Chapter Meeting - March 26