EBA Accredited Programs


EBA is an accredited CLE provider and offers a variety of CLE programs each year. Programs are offered in face-to-face settings, remote, and on-demand, and some of these programs also provide the additional ethics credits required by some states.

The Energy Bar Associations provides various educational opportunities for you to obtain Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.

Most states require attorneys to accumulate Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits. Each state has its own rules and regulations indicating what qualifies for CLE credit. Certain programs, subjects, and formats may not receive credit in some states and there may be specific rules regarding who may earn credit or the maximum number of credit hours that may be earned with specific formats. Please contact your state MCLE regulatory entity for specific questions about your MCLE rules.

EBA generally applies for CLE for programs based on the attendance demographics. EBA does not guarantee CLE approval.  If you have any CLE questions please contact LLEVINE@EBA-NET.ORG

Please note:  IF EBA does not apply to your specific state, you should check with your jurisdiction's regulatory authority to see if they accept conferences offered by EBA and approved by Virginia State Bar.  Often other jurisdictions will accept VA CLE.  A Certificate of Attendance and credit reporting documentation will be provided at the conference.

Below is a list of EBA programs approved for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credits.  


Select Program Year: 2019, 2018 AND EARLIER 

 2019 Programs

Primer: Cost of Services Ratemaking - June 19-20, 2019

CA, NY, OH, PA, VA - 7

Defender and Enforcer Forum - June 12, 2019

CA, PA - 2.5

Northeast Chapter Annual Meeting - June 12, 2019

AL - 6
CA, PA - 6
OH - 5

2019 Annual Meeting - May 6-7, 2019 (MCLE/Ethics)

CA, VA - 8/1.5
CO - 12/1.5
GA - 9/1.3
IL - 10.25/.75
IN - 10.3/1.3
KS - 12/1.5
KY, MN - 10.25/1.25
OK - 12.5/1.5
OH, TX - 9/1.25
PA - 11/1

Southern Chapter Annual Meeting - March 26, 2019

GA - 2.8
VA - 3

Houston Chapter Luncheon - March 19, 2019

TX - 1.5

Midwest Chapter Annual Meeting - March 4-5, 2019

IL, IA, MN - 5
MO - 6.9

Wester Chapter Annual Meeting - February 22, 2019

UT - 5.5