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SPEAKER Service Center (SSC) 

Thank you and Welcome to the Speaker Service Center!

To ensure the best experience for the attendees and speakers at the EBA Annual Meeting & Conference, please adhere to the deadlines listed below.  If you have any questions or challenges meeting the deadlines, please contact Lisa Levine ASAP, llevine@eba-net.org or 202-223-5625.  ALL sessions require CLE-quality handouts.  Please work with your session moderator and co-panelists to prepare the CLE-quality session handout and presentation in accordance with the following due dates and milestones: 


  • Reviewed Speaker Service Center (SSC) by February 15, 2019
  • Session Coordinator Agreement Executed by February 15, 2019
  • By Feb 15, Session Coordinator to send proposed list of speakers and moderators to PEC, for their approval
  • Final Session Title and Description by February 15, 2019

                          Short Description – up to 50 words (used for marketing)
                          Long Description – up to 100 words (posted on the website)

  • Speaker and Moderator Agreements Executed by March 15, 2019
  • Registration Online: by: March 25, 2019
  • Profile Submitted (Bio, photo, twitter handle) by: March 25, 2019
  • Download PowerPoint Design Template by April 1, 2019
  • Housing Booked by April 1, 2019 (First Come, First Served)
  • Session Materials Due – April 12, 2019- send directly to your moderator (NOT EBA) --  3 Weeks in Advance – Plan ahead!
  • Attend Conference May 6-7, 2019

A. Speaker, moderator and Session Coordinator  Agreements

All speakers and moderators must complete the agreement linked below.   

Moderator Agreement:  Please download, read, sign and return to EBA by March 15, 2019.  

Speaker Agreement:  Please download, read, sign and return to EBA by March 15, 2019. 

Session Coordinator Agreement:  Please download, read, sign and return to EBA by February 15, 2019

B. Registration and Bios

Registration:  All speakers and moderators must register for the conference and will receive the discounted rate of $350.  If you plan to attend only for your session, when you register online, please use the discount code provided in your letter of confirmation, as your participation will be complimentary.

               REGISTER ONLINE

If you need a registration form PDF, download here. 

Bios:   View Speaker and Moderator Bios

All speakers and moderators must provide a brief bio, 250 words or less, with your photo inserted into a ONE PAGE DOCUMENT.  Please label your bio document using LAST NAME FIRST  Example:   Smith_Bruce     

              Upload your bio  by March 25.  



C. Session Handouts

EBA Conferences are paperless.  Attendees receive an electronic link to the conference material. Attendees will have access to the material before and after the conference.  It is very important that you adhere to our deadlines to submit handouts. Submit handouts DIRECTLY to your moderator by April 12th.  Moderators will submit ONE entire panel package to EBA. 

           Upload Documents

  • Handouts are required for every session.  CLE-quality (See section G:  CLE, below) background and/or handout material and, if you desire, a PowerPoint (not required). 
  • If you are submitting a PowerPoint, please submit in PPT, not PDF format.
  • EBA Speaker PowerPoint Template.  It is best to have no more than 6-8 lines of text per frame or page.  It is often difficult for the audience to view more than 6-8 lines of text on your visuals. 
  • Label your handouts:   Session title (first three words)_Speakers Last Name.  An Example:  Surviving the Deal_Smith
  • Supporting articles and cases are encouraged.

D. Audio Visual Equipment

Session rooms will be set with an LCD projector and screen.  Each room will have a laptop connected to the projector.  We will load your presentation onto the laptop ahead of time.  If you need an alternative equipment set-up, please contact Lisa Levine at LLEVINE@EBA-NET.ORG, at least two weeks before the meeting.   We strongly recommend bringing a hard copy of your presentation and a copy on a thumb drive…just in case!

Please note:  General Sessions will be set up lounge style and have no podium.  For additional details on this set-up, contact Lisa Levine.

E. Conference Agenda and Location: 


Location: Renaissance DC Downtown Hotel, 999 9th Street, NW, Washington, DC
Closest Metro Stop: Gallery Place/Chinatown stop

F. Special Events

EBA encourages all speakers and moderators to participate in the special events along with the Annual Meeting.  Some special events require a registration fee.  You can find out more about each event by following the links below.  You should also indicate your participation on the Registration Form, linked above. View the Special Events

G. Hotel Accommodations

Please visit the conference page for Hotel information.  PLEASE NOTE:  EBA does not make speaker hotel reservations nor do we hold rooms for speakers.  It is important to make your reservation ASAP.

H. Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Credit

To ensure the program qualifies for CLE credit hours, we appreciate your assistance by preparing substantive handouts on your subject, including a PowerPoint presentation.  Previously published articles (which can be reprinted) and/or a detailed outline of your remarks are also appropriate. See Speaker Guidelines for more information. 

I.  Speaker Attire

This EBA Conference is business attire for speakers.  However, you should be comfortable and remember the hotels are notoriously chilly.  If you are on a GENERAL Session, please note that the stage will be set up in lounge or coffee room style.  Sometimes ladies prefer slacks for this type of seating style. 

J. Speaker FAQ’s

Q: Do I have to register for the conference?
A:  YES!  We need a registration form for every speaker and moderator -- however, your registration is discounted.

Q:  How many people are expected to attend the Conference?
A: Attendance is estimated to be 550.

Q:  What overnight accommodations are available for speakers?
A:  EBA has negotiated a discounted room block rate with the Renaissance.  Please see Hotel Accommodations  for details. You MUST make your own hotel reservations.  EBA does not make reservations nor do we hold rooms for speakers.  Contact the hotel as soon as possible.

Q:  Are the deadlines for paper and power point presentations flexible?
A:  No, they are not.  We have a very tight turn around to get material to the attendees.  

Q: Do you have tips for speakers?

  • Please do not read your remarks.  The best presentations are those that “hit the highlights” of your written pieces in the attendee book.
  • Please submit your materials directly to your session moderator.  The moderator will coordinate all speaker handouts and submit as one package to EBA, in the order to be presented.
  • Please be sure to coordinate in advance with your moderator and fellow speakers on your panel.  This will avoid duplication of material and enhance the flow of the discussion.
  • Be aware of your time limits.  “Running over” your allotted time is inconsiderate to your fellow panelists and can cause the entire program to be off-schedule.
  • Please note, time and time again, attendees have asked our presenters to give provide an intriguing “discussion” instead of a lecture.  PLEASE leave time for questions.

Q:  Do you have tips for moderators?

  • Moderators must submit a bio too!
  • It is your responsibility to coordinate a planning conference call with the session speakers to ensure familiarity and plan how to present the session to ensure adequate coverage of the subject matter and avoid duplication of material.  
  • Begin your session on time.
  • Do NOT read the speaker bios (they are included in the attendee handouts).  However, please introduce each speaker.
  • It is your job to SET THE STAGE for the session.  As moderator, you are responsible for providing the overall introduction of the subject matter and the session.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the flow of the session and ensuring there is sufficient time for question and answers.
  • All speakers should submit their session handouts directly to you.  You will combine them into one package and submit to EBA by the due date.  Please submit as a PowerPoint presentation and NOT a PDF.  Thanks

K. Permission to Post and Record

By accepting the speaking engagement with EBA, you have agreed to allow EBA to post your presentation on the conference website in pdf format or reproduce it in a workbook. In special cases, you may decline to share your presentation, but we encourage you to share your information freely with attendees and for CLE purposes.

The presentation may also be videotaped, recorded and/or photographed.

Meeting materials provided by the speaker.

L. Successful Presentations PowerPoint Design Tips (or How to Prevent “Death by PowerPoint”)

☐ Remember PowerPoint is a visual aid to reinforce and underline your message. PowerPoint is not a handout, reference sheet or teleprompter.

☐ Don’t make your slide deck the primary focus of your presentation; your message and connection with the audience is.

☐ Simplicity is key; avoid clutter and keep the design simple.

☐ Avoid complicated graphs and bar charts; these belong in your handout.

☐ The font size should be at minimum 24 point and the font type should be consistent throughout. The easiest fonts to read are sans serif such as Arial, Helvetica or Calibri; use decorative fonts only for slide headers.

☐ Use a dark font color on a light background where possible and avoid yellow or grey. We encourage you to use the EBA Speaker PowerPoint TEMPLATE, however, if you are using a dark background, use a light font and increase the font size.

☐ Avoid centering your text; align it either right or left

☐ There’s no need for complete sentences and paragraphs belong in your script not on your slides; attendees should focus on you and not be reading chunks of text.

☐ Use imagery instead of text and photographs instead of out-of-date clip art (remember to check images for copyright protection).

☐ Don’t use animation or flashy slide transitions; they take the focus away from the presenter.

☐ Check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

☐ Check the aspect ratio of the screen in the room in which you are presenting and design your presentation accordingly; a slide deck created in 4:3 ratio will look different on a 16:9 screen and vice versa.

☐ Don’t read from your slides.

☐ Control the flow of information; reveal bullet points one by one to allow you and the audience to focus on one point at a time

☐ Prepare a handout if you want the audience to take home more background information, references or notes from your presentation.

M. Social Media Tips for Marketing and Engagement

Your presentation takes time and effort. We therefore encourage you to amplify the impact of your content and engage in meaningful dialog about your topic using social media both before and during the event. To assist you in doing so, we’ve provided some resources and best practices for using social media as a marketing and engagement tool. No matter your current activity level on social media, we encourage you to give some or all of these ideas a try!

  • Connect with EBA

Before you attend the event, be sure you’re following us on social media and receiving our information. Here’s how:

• Follow the main handle for the event including #EBA2019AM

• Connect with us on EBA LinkedIn

• Use the conference hashtag in your posts*

Once you have connected with us, help us connect with you. Be sure to share your social media handle on your registration form and with the conference program manager so we can follow you back and help promote your conference-related posts.

  • Promote Your Role in the Event

Leading up to the conference, work your network and share insights into your presentation. It’s a best practice to share your participation in the conference on social media and give a taste of what you will be covering. Here are some sample social media posts that you can customize. You can shorten links using a free resource called Bitly.

I’ll be speaking at  #EBA2019AM   on INSERT YOUR TOPIC. RT or LIKE if you’ll be there!


Heading to LOCATION for #EBA2019AM. Here is the link to my session and what to expect: YOUR TOPIC DETAILS LINK TO YOUR SESSION DESCRIPTION

Include an image in your post if possible.

  • Provide Attendees With Your Details

Be sure to include both your Twitter handle and the program hashtag on your presentation slides. If you do not have a Twitter handle, consider including your company’s handle.

The title slide and summary slides are the best placements for your social media details so people can easily see and utilize the information.

  • Share on Social Media during the Event

There are a couple of best practices for sharing your session content and resources during the event:

  • Live Session Tweeting

A best practice to engage your session attendees is to have live tweets about your presentation go out during your session. Work with your EBA’s social media team to coordinate this and let your session attendees know to look for the live tweets by following your handle and the event hashtag. This is a great way to collect more followers and to get good engagement and retweets.

  • Resources You Mention

If you have resources as part of your presentation, we encourage you to share those on social media before, during or after your session. Again, let your session attendees know to look for these on social media. During your session, perhaps have a colleague capture a photo of your presentation for sharing on social media. You can shorten links using a free resource called Bitly.

  • Show Others Love

If people are posting on social media about your session, be sure to thank them afterwards on social media or respond to any of their questions and comments. Also, be sure to share highlights from other event sessions you attend using the event hashtag. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!

ThanK you very much for your participation in EBA’s conference!


Your first contact should be your session moderator, and then Lisa Levine, CEO, EBA, LLEVINE@EBA-NET.ORG or 202.223.5625.

See you in Washington DC soon!