EVENT IS STILL ON: Webinar: Embrace and Supercharge Your Leadership Style

Friday, March 20, 2020
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
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In today’s world of change, resilient leadership is a must. Leaders must embrace innovation, confronting their own, colleagues’ and clients’ fears with optimism, objectivity, and aplomb. This program provides a unique opportunity to learn about your leadership style, including whether you are an Asserter, Achiever, or Affirmer and, more importantly, what those categories mean for your everyday leadership style and your style under stress. In addition, you’ll learn the nine attributes of “actualized” leaders, people who effectively manage their stress and are consequently more resilient and less reactive and lead more effectively. This program will also provide the understanding necessary to recognize when colleagues and clients have lost perspective, and how to support them in regaining a resilient, optimistic, and solution-focused outlook. Learn how your leadership can create an organization in which resilience is the norm.  Intrigued? Take the free short form Actualized Leader Profile at; it only takes a minute to complete.  

This session is brought to you by the EBA Career Development Task Force.  For additional career development resources visit the Career Center and the Career Resource section


Anne Collier is driven to help others create fulfilling professional and personal lives both at the individual and organization level

Anne Collier, MPP, JD, PCC, Chief Executive Officer, Professional Certified Coach

Anne Collier is driven to help others create fulfilling professional and personal lives both at the individual and organization level.  An expert leadership coach, she gives clients a competitive edge by helping them discover their strengths and teaching them how to use those strengths to their greatest advantage.

Anne has over a decade of experience with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and is an MBTI® Master Practitioner. Anne tailors coaching and training sessions to meet the needs of her clients, utilizing 360-Degree and other assessments. She custom-designs her workshops to target the unique and specific needs of every client. For the best results, her clients learn to coach their colleagues and transform conflict into collaboration by distinguishing strategy from goals, being curious yet not judgmental, and collaborating to maximize results.

Clients walk away from Anne’s coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements inspired. They gain a powerful set of tools that helps them identify and achieve critical goals, including enhancing communication skills, developing leadership and management skills, and boosting team performance with an enduring sense of purpose. Anne practiced law in Washington, D.C. with Miller & Chevalier, Chtd and King & Spalding, where she represented and advised Fortune 100 corporations on various tax and business matters. Prior to private practice, Anne was an attorney with the Treasury Department.




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