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The Energy Law Journal (ELJ or the Journal), one of a handful of peer-reviewed law journals, is a preeminent energy publication providing thought-provoking and deeply researched articles by practitioners, academics, Federal judges, high-ranking federal and state government officials, members of FERC and state regulatory commissions, and others.

The Energy Bar Association (EBA) publishes legal, policy, and economic articles of lasting interest with significant research value on subjects dealing with the energy industries.  Article topics include U.S. and international energy legal, policy, and economic issues and increasingly, issues at the intersection of energy, the environment, and climate change.  The Journal welcomes articles on emerging issues and significant developments affecting the energy industries.

First published in May 1980, the Energy Law Journal is published twice a year (May and November).  It has about 2000 subscribers, including all EBA members and people from eight countries.  Electronic courtesy copies are distributed to the federal courts, federal lawmakers and policymakers, and federal and state energy and environmental regulators.

The Journal often has been cited by federal and state courts and agencies, law review articles and journals, energy industry speakers and the FERC. The Journal maintains a list of court opinions and other published legal materials citing articles appearing in the Journal.

The Journal publishes articles of varying length that provide a full consideration of the issues and opposing viewpoints.  All draft submissions must contain a synopsis, table of contents, and brief biographical statement about the author(s).  Style and form of citations must be in conformity with the "Blue Book," as well as the Energy Law Journal STYLE MANUAL posted on the Energy Law Journal website.

All submissions should be sent to Robert S. Fleishman, Editor-in-Chief, at RFLEISHMAN@MOFO.COM.  If you have questions about submissions, you can contact Mr. Fleishman at 202.887.8768.

The Journal is free to all members of the Energy Bar Association.  Subscriptions for non-members are $35.00 per year for domestic subscriptions, $41.00 per year for Canadian subscriptions, and $47.00 per year for foreign subscriptions.  Back issues are available by contacting the William S. Hein & Co. at (800) 828-7571. All back issues are available electronically on the Energy Bar Association website.

The Energy Bar Association holds the copyright to written works published in the Energy Law Journal. The Energy Bar Association grants permission to authors of written works published in the Journal to reproduce and distribute their written works provided that: (1) copies are distributed at or below cost; (2) proper notice of copyright is included on each copy; and (3) the Energy Law Journal and the article author(s) are clearly identified on each copy.  Authors are also permitted either to provide a website link to their articles on the Energy Bar Association website or post copies of the articles they have written on their own or their organization’s website, provided that the posted article clearly identifies the Energy Law Journal.