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All of the programs listed below were offered in 2020. You are able to receive CLE credit for some through our partner, WestLaw. Clicking on the CLE Credits button will direct you to WestLaw.


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EBA Annual Meeting - April 15, 2020


onlinelearning_or_video All Recordings Package 

onlinelearning_or_videocleapproved 2020 Playbook for Pipelines - Proposals, Politics and Predictions -  CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video Awards & Mid-Day Session: Managing through COVID-19: How Utilities are Grappling with the Health Crisis

onlinelearning_or_video Closing General Session: Energy & Climate & The Elections 

onlinelearning_or_video Gina McCarthy - A View from the EPA 

onlinelearning_or_videocleapproved New Wine in Old Bottles: Current Controversies Under the Interstate Commerce Act - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video PURPA 2020: FERC Brings a New Lens to its PURPA Regulations 

onlinelearning_or_video The Honorable Kevin J. McIntyre General Session: Post-Modern Administrative Law and the Energy Lawyer 

EBA Fall Conference: Commit. Engage. Ignite. -  October 13-14, 2020


onlinelearning_or_video All Recordings Package 

onlinelearning_or_video A Discussion of Energy, The Environment and The Elections  

onlinelearning_or_video Alternative Regulation: Lessons from Jurisdictions That Have Adopted Performance Based Rates - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video Clash of The Commissions: Where Is the Dividing Line? - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_videocleapproved Cyber Supply Chain 2020: Managing the Legal, Regulatory, And National Security Risks Of An

Ever-Changing Landscape - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video EBA Brief Perspectives on Diversity, Inclusion and Energy Justice In The Energy Industry - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_videocleapproved Ethics: Making Your Way Through the Ethics Haze: Selected Topics In The Environmental &

Energy Context  - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video General Session: COVID-19: Impacts to the Energy and Utilities Sectors – Today and the Future  CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video Getting to Zero - Are No Carbon Emissions Realistic?  CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video Looking into The Transmission Crystal Ball - What Are the Biggest Issues Facing the Transmission Industry in The Next Five Years?  CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video Natural Gas Pipeline Panel:  Regulatory Uncertainties for Natural Gas Pipelines and Their Shippers

onlinelearning_or_video Oil Pipeline Panel: Risk and Opportunities: Do Indexed Rates Still Work For Oil Pipelines - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video The Future is Hydrogen  CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_videocleapproved Tolling Orders/Allegheny Defense CLE Credits 

onlinelearning_or_video Workshop: How to Structure A FERC Compliance Program (Part 1)

onlinelearning_or_video Workshop: How to Structure A FERC Compliance Program (Part 2) CLE Credits 


Other Events, 2020


onlinelearning_or_videocleapproved 2020 EBA Virtual Northeast Chapter Annual Meeting - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video 2020 Rocky Mountain Virtual Annual Meeting

onlinelearning_or_video Author Talk: The Increasingly Complex Role of the Utility Consumer Advocate - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video Author Talk & Workshop on LMPs with David Savitski

onlinelearning_or_videocleapproved Beneficial Electrification - What is it & What are the Strategic & Regulatory Implications? - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video COVID-19 Utility Impacts - How Are States Responding? 

ondemandcleapproved Energy Law Academy Course 103: Federal Oil Pipeline Regulation - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video Energy Law Academy Course 107: Energy Trading

onlinelearning_or_video Energy Law Academy Course 110: Electric Reliability 

onlinelearning_or_videocleapproved Energy Storage: Can We Get It Right? - CLE Credits

ondemand Evaluating Settlement versus Litigation Risk: A Discussion with Settlement Judge 

ondemand FERC Pass-Through Taxation and Income Tax Allowance Recovery Policy 

onlinelearning_or_videocleapproved Here Today But Not Gone Tomorrow: Medical and Legal Considerations To Get Back

To Work - CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video How Legislation and Regulation Can Foster Growth in the Energy Storage Industry

onlinelearning_or_video Midwest Energizer: Recent Developments in Transmission ROE Policy -  CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video Northeast Energizer: Modeling for Lawyers -  CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video Regulatory 101 -  CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video The Year is 2020 In Finance, Investments & Transactions

onlinelearning_or_video Webinar Series: The Post-Pandemic Energy Sector: Lessons and Challenges 

onlinelearning_or_videocleapproved Webinar: Creating Successful Public-Private Partnerships for Solar Energy -  CLE Credits

onlinelearning_or_video Working With RTOs to Achieve Results For Clients -  CLE Credits