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EBA is pleased to offer recordings of educational sessions from Annual Meetings, the Mid-Year Energy Forum, Primers, Energizers and other programming for purchase. Recorded sessions offer convenient, affordable educational resources accessible from your desk or mobile device, whenever and wherever you want to use it. All available speaker presentations and supplemental material are included when purchasing a recording. Some meeting material is even available for FREE!

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EBA, in partnership with WestLegalEd Center, has developed a library of high quality, self-study EBA programming available anytime, online.  Many of these programs include CLE credits.  Access the "CLE CREDIT" button beside the session title and you will be taken to the WestLegalEd website. From there, click on the content partners drop down where you will see Energy Bar Association listed.  This search will take you to all the EBA sessions available for CLE Credit.To receive 

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Annual Energy Sector Reports

Annual sector reports are developed and written by EBA subject-matter committees and appear as part of the Energy Law Journal.

Compliance and Enforcement Sector Report  

This section includes a look at developments in civil and criminal enforcement, competition and antitrust, and compliance activities in the energy industry (electricity, hydro, natural gas, crude oil, and petroleum products) at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ("FERC"), Commodity Futures Trading Commission ("CFTC"), Federal Trade Commission ("FTC"), Department of Justice ("DOJ"), Department of Energy ("DOE"), Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration ("PHMSA"), and other federal agencies and in the courts and Congress.

2019: Compliance & Enforcement
2018: Compliance & Enforcement 
2017: Compliance & Enforcement

Electricity Sector Report 

Includes information on all aspects of electricity regulation and industry developments including traditional rate regulation, deregulation, competition policy, and other means of industry regulation, at the federal and state levels. 

2018: Electricity 
2017: Electricity 

Finance and Transactions
International Energy Law and Transactions
Natural Gas Sector
Nuclear Regulation Sector
Oil and Liquids Sector
Power Generation and Marketing
State Commission Practice
System Reliability Issues



EBA Annual Meeting - April 15, 2020


onlinelearning_or_video Gina McCarthy - A View from the EPA

onlinelearning_or_video The Honorable Kevin J. McIntyre General Session: Post-Modern Administrative Law and the Energy Lawyer

onlinelearning_or_video PURPA 2020: FERC Brings a New Lens to its PURPA Regulations

onlinelearning_or_video Managing through COVID-19: How Utilities are Grappling with the Health Crisis

onlinelearning_or_video New Wine in Old Bottles: Current Controversies Under the Interstate Commerce Act

onlinelearning_or_video 2020 Playbook for Pipelines - Proposals, Politics and Predictions

onlinelearning_or_video  Closing General Session: Energy & Climate & The Elections

Other Events, 2020

ondemand Evaluating Settlement versus Litigation Risk: A Discussion with Settlement Judge

onlinelearning_or_video Webinar: Creating Successful Public-Private Partnerships for Solar Energy

ondemand FERC Pass-Through Taxation and Income Tax Allowance Recovery Policy Discussion

ondemand Energy Law Academy Course 103: Federal Oil Pipeline Regulation - Day 1 | Day 2



EBA Mid-Year Energy Forum - October 16, 2019

ondemand Closing General Session: What Investors Want

ondemand Reducing Carbon Without a Regulatory Push

ondemand ETHICS: How to Identify and Address Client Conflict

Free_iconondemand Luncheon General Session with Bill Cooper, General Counsel, U.S. Department of Energy

ondemand Drafting and Negotiating Precedent and Firm Transportation Agreement: A Skills Session

ondemand Drafting and Negotiating A Power Purchase Agreement: A Skills Session

ondemand General Session: Cybersecurity and Supply Chain: Who, What, Where, Huawei?

EBA Mid-Year Energy Forum - October 15, 2019

ondemand ISO/RTO Governance, ADR Issues and Conflict Resolution Models, and Solutions

ondemand The Business Benefit of Diversity and Inclusion

ondemand Energy Infrastructure post-Hoopa

ondemand The 21st Century Utility

ondemand General Session: The Role of Carbon in FERC Regulation

EBA Annual Meeting - May 6, 2019

ondemand Offshore Wind Energy: Partnerships, Development and US Jones Act  CLE CREDIT

ondemand RTO Governance: The Board Perspective  CLE CREDIT

ondemand LNG Exports 

ondemand Keep Your Practice Out Of Jeopardy - It's All About Ethics  CLE CREDIT

ondemand Will The FERC Resolve Electric Transmission ROEs?  CLE CREDIT

ondemand Disruptive Dynamics of Distributed Energy Resources

youtube The Honorable Kevin J. McIntyre General Session: Climate Change: What Should We Do Now?

EBA Annual Meeting - May 7, 2019

youtube Electrification: The Wave of the Future or Policy Choice?

Free_iconyoutube Luncheon General Session with Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur

ondemand Stakeholder Involvement In Pipeline Infrastructure Development

ondemand Pipeline Security

youtube Natural Disasters and Utility Infrastructure: Regulations, Technologies, and Policies That Promote System Resiliency and Disaster Recovery Without Breaking the Bank  CLE CREDIT

Annual Chapter Meetings, 2019

youtube Northeast Chapter Annual Meeting - July 12  CLE CREDIT

youtube Rocky Mountain Chapter Annual Meeting - June 11   CLE CREDIT

Free_iconlibrary Southern Chapter Spring Conference - March 26

Free_iconlibrary Midwest Chapter Annual Meeting - March 4-5

Free_iconlibrary Western Chapter Annual Meeting - February 21-22

Other Events, 2019

ondemand EBA Energy Law Academy Course 104*: Cost of Service Ratemaking    DAY 1 CLE CREDIT   DAY 2 CLE CREDIT 
*(formerly known as EBA Primer Series

ondemand FELJ Author Talk: FERC and Climate Change

ondemand Enforcers and Defenders Forum

ondemand EBA Energy Law Academy Course 105*: Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry

   DAY 1 CLE CREDIT   DAY 2 CLE CREDIT  *(formerly known as EBA Primer Series

ondemand Midwest Chapter Energizer: Competition in Transmission

ondemand Northeast Chapter Energizer: Battery Storage: Transmission or Generation Short-Circuited

ondemand Getting to Know FERC

ondemand FERC's Evolving Declaratory Order Process - Interstate Commerce Act

Free_iconWebinar: How SMART are you with your career goals?

ondemand Evaluating Settlement versus Litigation Risk: A Discussion with Settlement Judges


EBA Annual Meeting - May 7, 2018

ondemand FERC Enforcement 2018 and Beyond: Update, Analysis and Perspectives

ondemand Clean Water Act Section 401 - Guardian of Water Quality or Political Hammer?

ondemand Energy Mergers & Acquisitions in the Electricity Market

ondemand New Tax Law and its Impact on Rates

ondemand State of Flux - Analyzing Recent Transmission ROE Decisions and the Impacts on Transmission Return on Equity

ondemand Diversity: It's Good for the Energy Business

youtube Opening General Session: CEO Forum

library All handouts from Annual Meeting Day 1

EBA Annual Meeting - May 8, 2018

youtube Closing General Session: FERC Former Chairs Panel

youtube EBA TED Talk 

ondemand Ethical [and Other] Issues Posed by Whistleblowers in Internal Investigations [& Compliance Programs]

ondemand The New Trend of Antitrust Cases in the Energy Sector

ondemand When Worlds Collide: Structured Product and Financial Transactions in Today's Energy Markets

ondemand Building Across Boundaries: Developing Energy Projects on or Near Tribal Lands and Resources

youtube Opening General Session: The Future of the Energy Industry from the States View

library All handouts from Annual Meeting Day 2

Mid-Year Energy Forum - October 29, 2018

library New Tech, Aging Regs

Free_iconlibrary The Resilience Imperative:  What we mean, who's in charge, and who should pay? 

Free_iconlibrary PURPA Revisions

Free_iconlibrary Prospects for Oil & Gas Pipeline Infrastructure Investments 

Free_iconlibrary Natural Gas Act Discussion/Policy Statement Forum 

Mid-Year Energy Forum - October 30, 2018

youtube General Session: The Changing Electric Resource Mix

youtube Luncheon Speaker: Commissioner Richard Glick

youtube Closing General Session: Tariffs and the Potential Impact in International Energy Markets from NAFTA to Asia and the European Union

Free_iconlibrary Ethics Session: Navigating Ethics in Enforcement Cases

Free_iconlibrary Transmission Planning Policy For The Future 

Free_iconlibrary State / Federal Jurisdiction 

Free_iconlibrary Trends in Energy Financing 

Academy Courses (formerly known as Primers), 2018

Free_iconlibrary cleapproved EBA Primer Series: Electric Industry Technology for Lawyers Part I - February 15      CLE CREDIT

Free_iconlibrary cleapproved EBA Primer Series: Electric Industry Technology for Lawyers Part II - February 16    CLE CREDIT

cleapproved EBA Primer Series: Electrical Industry Technology for Lawyers Part 3: Generation      CLE CREDIT   

cleapproved EBA Primer Series: Electrical Industry Technology for Lawyers Part 4: Renewables and Distributed Energy Resources      CLE CREDIT

cleapproved EBA Primer Series: An Introduction to Federal Oil Pipeline Regulation - Part 1      CLE CREDIT

cleapproved EBA Primer Series: An Introduction to Federal Oil Pipeline Regulation - Part 2      CLE CREDIT

EBA Energizers, 2018

Free_iconlibrary Pricing Carbon in Energy Markets - June 5

Best Practices for Mediating an Energy Dispute - April 18

Free_iconlibrary Emerging Topics in Oil Pipeline Regulation - April 5

Free_iconlibrary cleapproved Reliability Challenges and Solutions - March 28      CLE CREDIT

Free_iconlibrary Lunch and Conversation with FERC General Counsel James Danly - February 28  

Free_iconlibrary Updates to the FERC Paperless Hearing and Settlement Process - February 27

Free_iconlibrary Ethics in FERC Practice - February 15

cleapproved NGA Section 5 Primer       CLE CREDIT

Other Events, 2018

Free_iconlibrary Houston Chapter Luncheon: Meet Chairman Kevin J. McIntyre - April 26

Free_iconlibrary Enforcers and Defenders Forum - April 11

Free_iconlibrary Northeast Chapter Energizer: Efforts in the Northeast to Better Integrate Wholesale Markets & Public Policy - April 3

Public Utility Research Center: Securing the Future of Florida's Utility Infrastructure Part II - February 22

Public Utility Research Center: Securing the Future of Florida's Utility Infrastructure Part I - February 21 


EBA Annual Meeting - April 3-4, 2017

library All handouts from Annual Meeting Day 1

library All handouts from Annual Meeting Day 2

Mid-Year Energy Forum - October 16-17, 2017

library All handouts from Mid-Year Energy Forum Day 1

library All handouts from Mid-Year Energy Forum Day 2

Academy Courses (formerly known as Primers), 2017

cleapproved EBA Primer Series: ELECTRIC RELIABILITY: PART 1       CLE CREDIT

cleapproved EBA Primer Series: ELECTRIC RELIABILITY: PART 2       CLE CREDIT

EBA Energizers, 2017

ondemand The Clean Power Plan: What Lies Beyond - December 19

Free_iconlibrarycleapproved NERC Enforcement 101 - An Overview of NERC's Enforcement Authority - November 6   CLE CREDIT

Free_iconlibrarycleapproved LNG exports fueled by the hydraulic fracturing revolution - September 18      CLE CREDIT

ondemand Distributed Generation Resources in the DC/Maryland/Virginia Region - April 25

Annual Chapter Meetings, 2017

library Northeast Chapter - June 1

library Rocky Mountain Chapter - May 19

library Southern Chapter - February 16

library Midwest Chapter - March 7

library Western Chapter - February 24

Other Events, 2017

Free_iconlibrary Midwest Energizer: Today’s Regional Electric Markets & the Impact of State & Federal Policies - November 1

Free_iconlibrary Houston Energizer: FERC Enforcement: Effectively Defending Investigations, Recent Developments - October 26

Free_iconlibrary FELJ Author Talk with Ari Peskoe - September 13

Free_iconlibrary Houston Chapter Energizer: Not in my Backyard - Eminent Domain in Texas: Case Law and Legislative Update - June 14

Free_iconlibrarycleapproved Without A Quorum, How Will FERC Operate? FERC Answers Your Questions - Feb. 22   CLE CREDIT

Free_iconlibrarycleapproved Author Talk: State Constitutional Limitations...Future of CA's Carbon Market - Feb. 9   CLE CREDIT

library Houston Chapter: Texas Gas Exports to Mexico: The Markets, the Pipelines, and the Law - February 8

Free_iconlibrary FERC's eTariff Filing Procedures for Settlements - February 1

Free_iconlibrary Trends in NRC Litigation, an ASLBP Perspective - January 12

cleapproved Can State CO2 Reduction Policies be Implemented Through FERC-Regulated Tariffs?      CLE CREDIT


Mid-Year Energy Forum, 2016

library All handouts from Mid-Year Energy Forum Day 1 - October 5

library All handouts from Mid-Year Energy Forum Day 2 - October 6

EBA Energizers, 2016

Free_iconlibrary Tips and Tricks to Manage FERC Paperless Hearings - February 9 

Free_iconlibrarycleapproved Informing Investors of Climate Risks - March 17       CLE CREDIT

Free_iconlibrary Meet the Judges Trial and Settlements with Jennifer Whang, Michael Haubner and Dawn Scholz - March 23

Free_iconlibrary Section 205 - November 17

Free_iconlibrary Ongoing Climate Imperative - November 10

Annual Chapter Meetings, 2016

library Midwest Chapter

library Northeast Chapter

library Rocky Mountain Chapter

library Western Chapter

Other Events, 2016

library Southern Chapter Spring Conference

Free_iconlibrary For Better or For Worse: How the Hydraulic Fracturing Debate is Shaping Natural Gas Infrastructure Development - February 2

Free_iconlibrary Renewable Energy Programs: Good for Business or Risky Business? - March 29

Free_iconlibrary Mediating an Energy Case – Practical Advice from Program Administrators - April 12

Free_iconlibrary Legal Advice in the NERC Age 2006-2016 - April 22

cleapproved FERC's Order No. 1000's Five-Year Checkup       CLE CREDIT

cleapproved FERC-Led Audits of CIP Cybersecurity Reliability Standards      CLE CREDIT

cleapproved Energy in the Ski Industry      CLE CREDIT

cleapproved Author Talk - The Hazy “Bright Line”: Defining Federal and State Regulation of Today’s Electric Grid  CLE CREDIT

cleapproved FELJ Author Talk - Capacity Markets: A Path Back to Resource Adequacy      CLE CREDIT

cleapproved EBA Primer: Electricity and Electric Rate Regulation - Part 1      CLE CREDIT

cleapproved EBA Primer: Electricity and Electric Rate Regulation - Part 2      CLE CREDIT

cleapproved Wind: An Examination of Regulatory, Interconnection, Finance Issues, & Success Stories      CLE CREDIT

cleapproved Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC) Fall Conference – Keynote by Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur      CLE CREDIT

cleapproved RMC Fall Conference - Energy pipelines - Product Quality, Rates, Safety, and Regulatory Enforcement CLE CREDIT

cleapproved RMC Fall Conference - Energy Storage – National Perspective & Western Opportunities      CLE CREDIT

cleapproved Oil Market Developments and Pipeline Siting Challenges    CLE CREDIT




Mid-Year Meeting, October 23-24, 2013

Free_iconlibrary Day 1 Handouts

Free_iconlibrary Day 2 Handouts

Annual Chapter Meetings, 2013

Free_iconlibrary Rocky Mountain Chapter – June 21

Free_iconlibrary Northeast Chapter– June 5

Free_iconlibrary Midwest Chapter – March 5

Other Events, 2013

Free_iconlibrary Cyber Security: Protecting the Energy Industry Against Cyber Threats - December 5

Free_iconlibrary Electricity and Natural Gas Coordination: As Winter Approaches, Regulators and the Energy Industry Respond – October 8

Free_iconlibrary Mitigating Investment Risks in Emerging Energy Markets: A Focus on Africa - May 29

Free_iconlibrary Market-Based Rates Primer Lessons from the Trenches - April 23

Free_iconlibrary ISO/RTO Financial Products and Recent Trends in FERC Enforcement – April 3

Free_iconlibrary East Coast Solar Infrastructure Development: Incentives and Barriers - What is Working and What is Not: An examination of Incentives, Finance, Technologies and Interregional compatibility of RECs Driving Solar development in the Northeast - February 27

Free_iconlibrary International Implications of Shale Gas Development: Comparative Perspectives within Europe and the United States - February 6



EBA Annual Meeting, 2012

Free_iconlibrary EBA Sixty-Sixth Annual Meeting - April 26

Annual Chapter Meetings, 2012

Free_iconlibrary Northeast Chapter – June 6

Free_iconlibrary Midwest Chapter – March 13

Free_iconlibrary Western Chapter – February 24

Other Events, 2012

Free_iconlibrary Gathering, Processing, and Other Midstream Agreements - December 13

Free_iconlibrary Innovative Smart Grid Projects – Legal and regulatory issues generally and in comparison to those presented by certain recent innovative projects - November 7

Free_iconlibrary Financing Offshore Wind Projects in the United States – October 25

Legal and Regulatory Issues Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing of Oil and Gas Shale Formations – October 11

Free_iconlibrary California’s Greenhouse Gas Cap-and-Trade Program Begins - October 10

Free_iconlibrary Current Issues in Natural Gas Generation - September 27

Free_iconlibrary Current Issues and Challenges in Electric Transmission Siting –September 25

Free_iconlibrary New Developments in Enforcement and Compliance at PHMSA - June 11

Free_iconlibrary An In-Depth Look at Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators for Lawyers and Energy Professional - April 25

Free_iconlibrary Powering Your Ride in the New Millennium: The Future of Natural Gas and Electric Vehicles - April 19

Free_iconlibrary Transmission as a Facilitator of Alternative Energy Development: State and Federal Perspectives in the PJM, NYISO and ISO-New England Regions – April 10

Free_iconlibrary Pipeline Construction under NGA Section 7 vs. NGPA section 311 -- March 21

Free_iconlibrary Pipeline Construction under Blanket Certificate Authority – February 22

Free_iconlibrary Oil Pipelines 101 – February 14

Free_iconlibrary Changes in Mileage Sensitive Pipeline Rates – February 2

Free_iconlibrary Best Practices in Drafting FERC Settlement Agreements – January 31

Free_iconlibrary Privatization of Energy Infrastructure - January 26

Free_iconlibrary Compliance and Enforcement Issues - January 19


EBA Annual Meeting, 2011

Free_iconlibrary EBA Sixty-Fifth Annual Meeting - May 5

Mid-Year Energy Forum, 2011

Free_iconlibrary 2011 Mid-Year Meeting – December 1

Annual Chapter Meetings, 2011

Free_iconlibrary Northeast Chapter Annual Meeting - June 7

Free_iconlibrary Midwest Chapter - March 15

Free_iconlibrary Western Chapter Annual Meeting - February 25

Other Events, 2011

Free_iconlibrary Primer for Lawyers and Energy Professionals on Legal Practice and Administrative Procedure – Unlocking the Mysteries: Everything You Didn’t Know about FERC Practice – December 2

Free_iconlibrary Transmission as a Facilitator of Alternative Energy Development: A MISO/SPP/PJM Regional Perspective – November 17

Free_iconlibrary Smart Grid Update - October 24

Free_iconlibrary Emerging Generation Technologies: Existing Incentives, the Impact of Incentives on Financing and Development and What Lies Ahead - October 20

Free_iconlibrary Regulation of LNG Exports -- September 27

Free_iconlibrary Views and Perspectives on FERC Order No. 1000 -- September 14

Free_iconlibrary Pioneering the Path Forward:  Lessons Learned and the Future of Pipeline Incident Crisis Management -- September 19

Free_iconlibrary EBA Houston Chapter Meeting - Texas Update - July 28

Free_iconlibrary Lessons Learned from Self-Reporting Alleged Violations to the FERC and CFTC - Practitioners’ Perspectives – July 28

Free_iconlibrary What FERC Counsel Should Know About The Commission’s E-Filing Procedures - June 23

Free_iconlibrary US-Canadian Energy Trade: An Update on Projects and Policy - June 22

Free_iconlibrary Natural Gas 101: An Operational Perspective - May 26

Free_iconlibrary Spring Primer on Impending EPA Regulations Affecting the Power Sector for Lawyers and Energy Professionals - May 4