2022 Summer Membership Drive


The sun is out, temperatures are up, and folks are starting to plan summer vacations. While we may be halfway through the year, the EBA is still hard at work creating opportunities for energy attorneys to connect and grow professionally. In just the next 6 months, we will launch a new website and communications tools, deploy new online learning management tools, hold four-chapter annual meetings, produce a number of in-person networking events, and gather for the annual Mid-Year Energy Forum. There is still so much to come in the second half of 2022!
Now is the time to introduce EBA membership to those who may not know how they can benefit. To help make the introduction, the EBA is offering non-members an opportunity to join for the remainder of 2022 and pay for six months of membership. We usually don’t pro-rate dues during the year, but with so much going on at EBA this year, we believe it is a great time to encourage membership and help energy attorneys and those engaged in energy law, regulation and policy to become a part of the organization.
Please help us by spreading the word to your contacts and colleagues. 

champion  Incentives 

Don’t forget to make sure they put you down as a referral! We’d be thrilled to recognize your role as an ambassador at our Mid-Year Energy Forum on October 11-12th.
This could be:

  • Any new associates (Lawyers 0-3 years out of law school join at $77.50)
  • Summer associates (at an astonishing $12.50)
  • Your peers and friends in the industry (Just $117.50 for private attorneys)

The Energy Bar Association is only as strong as its members!  
So, why join? Here’s just a few reasons.
Discounts: Now is the time, this rare deal is live for only 4 weeks! By attending one conference or as little as two webinars your membership more than pays for itself.
CLE: We offer comprehensive, timely, affordable, and entertaining CLE in your industry by the veterans and regulators themselves.
Networking: Networking events all over North America with leaders, students and peer lawyers and professionals in the private sector, government, and in-house staff.   

findcolleagues  Recruitment Tips

  • Identify your prospects. Review your network of professional colleagues and identify those who have never been EBA members and would benefit from joining.
  • Know the benefits of membership. Here is a flyer on membership benefits you can provide prospects with more information about EBA membership benefits.
  • Share your story. Provide your colleague with examples of how your EBA membership has benefited you in your career. A positive testimonial can be a great recruitment tool!
  • Follow up. Check back in a week to see whether they have joined and ask if they have any questions.