75 Members in 75 Days Membership Drive




This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Energy Bar Association (EBA). Join EBA over the course of the next 10 months as we celebrate 75 years of relationship building, high-quality educational content, engaging discussions, policy debates, knowledge sharing, collegiality, and ultimately advancing professional excellence in the evolving energy landscape! 

We will celebrate this special milestone in a variety of ways throughout the year so stay tuned for many opportunities to participate. We kick-off #75YearsofEBA with a Membership Recruitment campaign and a call-to-action for EBA members: 75 Members in 75 Days! 

The EBA challenges its members to encourage their colleagues, students, interns and others interested in today's ever changing and evolving energy industry to join EBA and become a part of our community.  

Every time you recruit a new member, you strengthen EBA. When EBA membership grows, we all benefit through access to an expanded network of industry professionals, as well as additional resources and support! 

Refer a new member during EBA's 75 Members in 75 Days campaign and both parties will be entered into a drawing for a FREE #EBA2021AM registration!


champion  Incentives 

For every new member you recruit, between February 23, 2021 and May 8, 2021, you will receive an entry into a drawing for a FREE #EBA2021AM registration!

All current members who participate in this campaign will also be recognized at the 2021 Annual Meeting & Conference.

The grand prize winner will be chosen and announced via tweet on May 10, 2021.  Be sure to FOLLOW US @EnergyBarAssoc to find out the lucky winner. If the grand prize winner is unable to attend the Annual Meeting, it can be passed along to an associate or traded in for a free registration to another 2021 program of your choosing. 

In addition, any current member who recruits or sponsors three or more new attorney or energy professional members will earn a complimentary registration of a Chapter Annual Meeting of their choosing. Chapter Meeting offer must be redeemed before the 2022 Annual Meeting & Conference.

You can also choose to SPONSOR a new member for a chance to win big! Know any student, young associates or interns that could seriously benefit from an EBA membership - but could use some support to get started?! Give them the gift that keeps on giving - an EBA membership offers education, updates on industry trends, professional development and leadership opportunities and plenty of networking! 

findcolleagues  Recruitment Tips

  • Identify your prospects. Review your network of professional colleagues and identify those who have never been EBA members and would benefit from joining.
  • Know the benefits of membership. Here is a flyer on membership benefits you can provide prospects with more information about EBA membership benefits.
  • Share your story or SHARE THIS VIDEO! Provide your colleague with examples of how your EBA membership has benefited you in your career. A positive testimonial can be a great recruitment tool!



  • Want to join in the Anniversary Celebration? Submit your own video clip or testimonial to be included in upcoming celebratory videos this year and help show others in the industry how EBA membership can benefit them! 

    Follow up. Check back in a week to see whether they have joined and ask if they have any questions.



print  Resources

2021 EBA Membership Applications Make sure your name is entered in the ‘Referred By’ field either online or in the pdf. application. 

Promotional Material- Spread the word!


policy_icon  CAMPAIGN RULES 

EBA membership is on a calendar year basis. Offer limited to 2021 members and 2021 new memberships (renewed memberships are not eligible). 

Referring member’s name must be included on new member application. In the event of multiple referring members, only the first referring member’s name listed on an application is eligible. No limit to how many new members a current member can sponsor. Campaign runs from February 23, 2021 and May 8, 2021.

The EBA is a dynamic and helpful professional organization, and membership will yield many benefits for those looking to expand their practice, their network, share ideas and establish themselves as leaders and experts in the energy industry.

For more information about the benefits of EBA membership:  https://www.eba-net.org/ or contact Michele L. Smith, Senior Manager, Marketing & Member Relations at msmith@eba-net.org or (202) 499-5841.