EBA Ambassador Testimonials


A Message from EBA Board Member Matt Rudolphi

Dear Colleagues:
I often find myself commenting to those in other practice areas on the professionalism and collegiality I have experienced in my practice of energy law.  I reference the dedication of a relatively small number of lawyers and professionals in a specialized field, and reason that because we often find ourselves in the same proceedings, year after year, we are conditioned to be on top of our game and, for the most part, on our best behavior.  But, in my opinion, the single most significant contributor to the high level of expertise and collaboration in the practice of energy law is our bar, the Energy Bar Association.  
EBA has offered me a wealth of opportunities to learn and participate in the development of the field at the Mid-Year and Annual Meetings, through year-round educational programs created by the committees, and through online CLE credit and educational offerings.    In addition, I have greatly benefited from the network of highly-talented lawyers, professionals and students that EBA provides access to through my involvement in EBA meetings, EBA Energizerer, committees and the board. 
Because I have so greatly benefited from my experience as a member of EBA, I am committed to acting as an Ambassador for the organization. In my role as Membership Chair, I ask you to do the same:  become an EBA Ambassador by reaching out to your network and making it your goal to recruit at least one new member.  If we all commit to “Each One – Reach One,” we will far surpass our goal of 3,000 total members.
Don't wait! Become an EBA Ambassador now!
Refer your lawyer, professional and student colleagues to the EBA ONLINE APPLICATION.  Don’t forget to ask them to list you as a referral!
Need Recruiting Tips?
Tips for recruiting new members and additional information about the EBA Ambassadors program can be found at: WWW.EBA-NET.ORG/EBA-AMBASSADORS
If you would like to discuss the Ambassador program and EBA membership, just contact me.  Thank you!
Matthew R. Rudolphi
EBA Membership Chair  
The Energy Bar Association is an international, non-profit association of attorneys, non-attorney professionals, and students active in all areas of energy law. The EBA promotes the professional excellence and ethical integrity of its members in the practice, administration, and development of energy laws, regulations and policies. The EBA provides superior educational programming, networking opportunities, and information resources.