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You know the value of your Energy Bar Association (EBA) Membership. Maybe your interest in the practice of energy law was initially sparked by your attendance at a young lawyer’s event. Maybe your first major speaking role was at a mid-year meeting. Maybe you met your biggest client at a brown bag, or maybe you look forward to reconnecting with colleagues every year at the Annual Meeting dinner. Throughout your career, EBA has kept you informed and connected to the practice and to a network of remarkable attorneys and energy professionals. Why have you been keeping this secret to yourself?


We’ve set a lofty goal this year of increasing EBA membership by 22% to 3,000 total members. With your help, this goal is easily within our reach. If each current EBA member recruits just one new member, we will far surpass our goal.
When EBA membership grows, we all benefit through access to an expanded network of industry professionals. But, as an added incentive, if we hit our goal of 3,000 total members by the end of the organizational year, EBA has pledged to make a significant contribution to the Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association.


Download the printable MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION (PDF), fill in your name in the “I was referred to the Energy Bar Association by:” section, and hand out the application! Alternatively, you can fill in your information and email the membership applications to your colleagues, friends, acquaintances, etc.
Your colleagues can also join EBA by completing the ONLINE APPLICATION and listing your name as a referral.


Recruiting new members is about sharing your membership experience with others. A complete list of MEMBER BENEFITS can be found on the EBA website. Below are some suggestions to help you reach potential members and encourage them to join:
  • Publish an article in your firm newsletter about why you belong to EBA.
  • When new employees begin working in your firm, tell them how EBA can help them transition into their new role.
  • Share the benefits of an EBA MEMBERSHIP, including a personal experience in which your EBA membership has benefitted you in your career. A positive testimonial can be a great recruitment tool!
  • SPONSOR A STUDENT from your alma mater to share the benefits of membership with up and coming professionals
  • Forward EBA emails to your colleagues to let them know how much value they will get as a member.
  • Bring a colleague to an EBA Energizer or reception.
  • Invite a prospective member to attend the EBA ANNUAL MEETING & CONFERENCE, or MID-YEAR MEETING & CONFERENCE with you. For a full list of EBA events, visit the EBA CALENDAR.
  • Give a gift of EBA membership to your staff or colleague.
  • Share your experience working on an EBA committee.
  • Follow up! Check back in a few weeks to see whether your prospective recruit has joined, and see if there are any questions that you can answer.


Congratulations to EBA Ambassadors for August through Octoberr 2017
Robert Butkin, Will Haslam, Jim Heidell, Catherine McCarthy, Ron Oppenheimer, Kristina Pacovsky, Jeff Riles, Cody Schlegel, Floyd Self, Elizabeth Whittle
Member Name Total Recruits
Melissa Alfano 1
Nicole Allen 1
Travis Allen 1
Derek Anderson 1
Donna Attanasio 2
Vicki Baldwin 12
Ronit Barrett 1
Jessica Bayles 1
Scott Bayley 1
Justin Bell 2
Craig Berry 1
James Bixby 2
Richard Bonnifield 1
Adam Borison 1
Michelle Boudreaux 2
Paul Breakman 3
Thomas Brosnan 1
Sam Brumberg 1
John Butler 1
Donna Byrne 1
Holly Cafer 1
Mark Calvert 1
Douglas Canter 1
Stuart Caplan 1
James Cargas 1
Matt Carstens 1
Georgia Carter 1
Mark Cattrell 2
Janna Chesno 5
Kelsey Chilcoat 9
Dickson Chin 1
Adrienne Clair 13
Patrick Clarey 1
Jimmy Cline 2
Amie Colby 1
Kelli Cole 1
David Connelly 1
Dale Cottam 1
Keith Coyle 1
Alice Curtiss 1
Jason Czyz 1
Florence Davis 4
Janice Dean 1
Eric Dearmont 2
Joel deJesus 3
Ken Ditzel 1
David Doot 2
Elizabeth Dorman 1
Tom Dougherty 1
Edgar Downing 1
William Dudley 1
Bill Edwards 1
Grant Eskelsen 1
David J. Evans 1
Linda Evers 1
Doron Ezickson 1
Samuel Feather 1
Cheryl Feik Ryan 1
Roger Feldman 1
Natara Feller 1
Jeremy Fetty 2
Manatt firm 1
Sarah Fitts 1
Connor Flanigan 1
Robert Fleishman 2
Dan Frank 1
Kat Gamache 6
Linda Gast 3
Ted Gerarden 2
Dave Gilles 1
Gene Grace 1
Charles Gray 1
Larry Greenfield 1
Shari Gribbin 1
Marvin Griff 1
Michelle Grossfield 1
Diana Hall 3
Emily Hammond 1
Emma Hand 8
Mary Hekman 1
Karen Holyoke 2
Greg Hopper 1
Jacqulynn Hugee 3
Steve Humes 1
David Hunger 1
Cedric Ireland 1
Ken Irvin 1
Paula Johnson 2
Kevin Jones 2
Katie Jorrie 1
Gordon Kaiser 3
Mark Kalpin 1
Donald Kaplan 1
Tara Kaushik 3
Jeffrey Keevil 1
Sue Kelly 1
Robert Kenney 1
Jennifer Key 1
Miles Kiger 2
Steven Kramer 1
Cathernie Krupta 1
Kathleen Lake 2
Gregory Lawrence 1
Cara Lewis 2
Frank Lindh 2
Kenneth Maloney 1
Jennifer Mansh 1
Roger Martella 1
Amber Martin 2
Jay Matson 1
Jeffrey Mayes 1
Hesser McBride 1
Cathy McCarthy 1
Bobbie McCartney 2
Crystal McDonough 11
Jenna McGrath 1
Christian McMurray 1
Rich Meyer 17
Melissa Mitchell 2
Phil Mone 1
Jay Morrison 3
Jon Mostel 2
Erin Murphy 1
Jennifer Murphy 1
Raymond Myford 1
Chris Nalls 1
Mac Norton 1
Daniel Nugent 1
Earle O'Donnell 1
Dan Pancamo 16
Amy Parker 1
Delia Patterson 5
Kathy Patton 2
Andrianne Payson 1
Mosby Perrow 1
James Peterson 1
Dan Pfeffer 1
Jacob Phillips 1
Shannon Pierce 1
Steven Pincus 4
Michael Postar 1
Sandy Rizzo 1
Cliona M. Robb 1
Elliot Roseman 2
Matthew Rudolphi 6
Jane Rueger 1
Jonathan Rund 1
Sandra Safro 2
Nicole Schaefer 1
Kathryn Schroeder 1
Scott Sells 1
Dana Shelton 14
Noha Sidhom 1
Stephen Siegel 1
Craig Silverstein 1
Daniel Simon 2
Rick Smead 1
Brett Snyder 1
Danielle Spiegel‐Feld 1
Jim Spiers 1
Jennifer Spina 2
Steven Sterner 1
Mike Stosser 13
Ed Tatum 1
Branko Terzic 1
Nidhi Thakar 2
Cathleen Tighe 1
Sheila Tipton 1
Jon Trotta 1
Kodi Verhalen 1
Clint Vince 1
Sandra Waldstein 1
Michael Walker 3
Kristi Wallis 1
Linda Walsh 2
Conor Ward 3
Jeffrey Watkiss 1
Robert Weishaar 6
Julia Weller 1
David Yaffe 2
Lisa Yoho 1
Kathy York 1
Andrew Ziegler 1
Scott Zimmerman 1
Joel Zipp 2
Total 369



A Message from EBA Board Member Matt Rudolphi:

"Dear Colleagues:

I often find myself commenting to those in other practice areas on the professionalism and collegiality I have experienced in my practice of energy law. I reference the dedication of a relatively small number of lawyers and professionals in a specialized field, and reason that because we often find ourselves in the same proceedings, year after year, we are conditioned to be on top of our game and, for the most part, on our best behavior. But, in my opinion, the single most significant contributor to the high level of expertise and collaboration in the practice of energy law is our bar, the Energy Bar Association." READ MORE>>


If you have any questions about the EBA Ambassadors program, please contact David Shaman, Manager, Communications and Membership Marketing at: (202) 499-5847 or DSHAMAN@EBA-NET.ORG.
If you would like EBA to send a recruitment email to specific colleagues or individuals, please send their contact information to DSHAMAN@EBA-NET.ORG and we will send the invitation on your behalf.