EBA Brief Submission Process

The EBA Brief iis published quarterly.  The first issue was published in April 2020. EBA Brief  features timely articles of interest to legal and energy professionals in an on-line magazine-style format. 

EBA Brief features short, topical pieces on current cases, regulatory actions, and industry trends.

To Submit an Article for EBA Brief

All EBA members are welcome to submit articles for consideration. 

Both articles and abstracts can be submitted to the editors.   Articles are due on the submission date, abstracts should be submitted three weeks in advance to allow for timely submission on or before the submission date.

Article submissions should be between 1250-2500 words. 


May 15 deadline, to published: July 

August 15 deadline, to publish: October

Nov 15 deadline, to publish: Jan

March 15 deadline, to publish: April

All submissions should be sent to John McCaffrey and Nicholas J. PascaleEditors-in-Chief.