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Welcome to The Energy Exchange podcast by the Energy Bar Association

The Energy Exchange podcasts are conversations with luminaries across the energy industry.  The interviewees are thought leaders, CEOs, attorneys, cutting edge entrepreneurs, and experts who have a deep understanding of energy issues and are working to shape our energy future.

Why The Energy Exchange?

‚ÄčIn 2021, to celebrate the Energy Bar Association’s 75th Anniversary, we are pleased to introduce EBA Energy Exchange.  The podcast offers a consistent show with strong guests and unexpected insights.  A unique perspective on the individuals interviewed and their particular arc.  A strong and growing audience – 1,000 listeners.  To make a difference in energy policies and our political discourse around energy policy and help expand the EBA’s presents throughout the country and beyond.

Who is the audience? 

Energy Attorneys, Energy Professionals, law and graduate students and undergraduates, and anyone who wants an evidenced based, real-world discussion about some of the challenges we face in generating, distributing, and using energy. 

Why should you listen to The Energy Exchange?

To join the conversation and ultimately to fashion better energy policies, strategies, and regulations.


About our Host


Mosby Perrow 

Mosby lives in Houston, Texas, and counsels and consults for energy companies.  He has represented a range of energy stakeholders throughout his career, including electric utilities, interstate pipelines, renewable project developers, private equity and energy startups.  He began his career with the federal government as an attorney/advisor to FERC’s Office of General Counsel, practiced law with Jones Day in DC and Houston, and recently served as Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Kinder Morgan, an energy infrastructure company based in Houston.  Mosby is the President Elect for the Energy Bar Association and is excited to be hosting the inaugural season of EBA’s Energy Exchange.



Episode 1:  Interview with Robert Fleishman



Episode 2: