Get involved

Get Involved and Give Back to the Community!

CFEBA needs your assistance to continue powering positive change. Volunteers help to keep CFEBA administrative costs to a minimum. Please consider joining one or more of CFEBA’s committees. These committees are an important part of the CFEBA’s activities and we encourage your participation.

Interested in Volunteering

If you are interested in volunteering for one of the CFEBA's committees, email Claudia Pitarque. Some committees operate only during specific times of the year. Email for more information.

The Fundraising Committee is Responsible for:

  • Setting fundraising goals, managing sustaining memberships and other fundraising efforts; and
  • Coordinating with other charitable foundations and institutions and identify partnerships for fundraising efforts.

The Gala Committee:

  • Is responsible for planning and implementing CFEBA's major fundraising event, coordinated with the EBA Annual Meeting.

  • Major activity associated with the Gala Committee generally begins in early February and ends when the Gala is over.

The Communication Committee is Responsible for:

  • Spreading information about the CFEBA and its work
  • Helping with social media, brochures and website content