Grant Process

Now Accepting: 2023 CFEBA Grant Applications

The CFEBA is now accepting applications for a 2023 CFEBA Grant! Up to $50,000 in total grant funds are available. Proposals to support local, regional, national or international non-profit organizations with energy-related charitable projects focused on improving lives will be considered for a financial grant.

Grant Process
Please find the 2023 CFEBA Grant Application here. Submit by email to Claudia Pitarque, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications at by Wednesday, November 1, 2023.  

Grant Submission Deadlines

  • Grant Applications are due by Wednesday, November 1, 2023.
  • A final decision will be made by mid-November.


Some examples of past grants include funding to support:

  • The purchase and installation of generators to support essential services in hospitals and warming centers throughout war-torn Ukraine.
  • Installation of solar photovoltaic system to provide electricity for a Native American Tribe as part of a planned microgrid.
  • Installation of integrated hybrid solar power systems to power refrigeration units at the primary care clinic delivery sites located throughout Puerto Rico impacted by Hurricane Maria.
  • Solar water pump installation and drip irrigation project in Uganda.
  • Solar heating of low-income, Native American tribal families living on reservations in the Great Plains.
  • Equipment, labor, and similar costs necessary to install and make operational heating system improvements for the indoor pool area and electrical outlets and switches repair in the rooms in a multicultural center in Houston affected by Hurricane Harvey
  • Replace outdated and inefficient HVAC system at a community health clinic in Boston.

For more information contact Jack Hannan, CEO of the Energy Bar Association at (202) 499-5825 or