Grant Process

2024 CFEBA Grant Applications

The CFEBA is now accepting Letters of Inquiry for grants to support local, regional, national or international organizations with energy-related charitable projects focused on improving lives. Submit your Letter of Inquiry for a 2024 CFEBA Grant! Up to $75,000 in total grant funds are available.

The grant making process begins with submission of a letter of inquiry. Letters will be reviewed by the CFEBA Grants Committee, with invitations to "best fit" candidates to submit a full application.

Grant Submission Timeline:

  • Letters of Inquiry are due by FridayAugust 16, 2024.
  • Responses to all Letters of Inquiry will be provided by Friday, August 30, 2024. Organizations deemed to be a good fit for grant consideration will be invited to complete a Grant Application.
  • Grant Applications are due by Friday, October 4, 2024.

A final decision will be made by the CFEBA Board by mid-November 2024.

Proposals to support local, regional, national or international non-profit organizations with energy-related charitable projects focused on improving lives will be considered for a financial grant.


Examples of past grants include funding to support:

  • The installation of solar electric infrastructure designed to reduce food bank utility costs and provide resiliency in the face of natural disasters in Northeast Florida
  • Energy programs for children in U.S. schools, with designed curricula helping students learn how to design buildings to maximize energy efficiency, install solar panels, monitor wind turbine output, learn about oil and gas exploration in shale, transportation technologies, and more
  • The purchase and installation of generators to support essential services in hospitals and warming centers throughout war-torn Ukraine
  • Installation of solar photovoltaic system to provide electricity for a Native American Tribe as part of a planned microgrid
  • Installation of integrated hybrid solar power systems to power refrigeration units at the primary care clinic delivery sites located throughout Puerto Rico impacted by Hurricane Maria
  • Solar water pump installation and drip irrigation project in Uganda
  • Solar heating of low-income, Native American tribal families living on reservations in the Great Plains
  • Equipment, labor, and similar costs necessary to install and make operational heating system improvements for the indoor pool area and electrical outlets and switches repair in the rooms in a multicultural center in Houston affected by Hurricane Harvey
  • Replace outdated and inefficient HVAC system at a community health clinic in Boston

For more information contact Jack Hannan, CEO of the Energy Bar Association at (202) 499-5825 or