Other Grant Recipients

Grant Recipients Prior to 2016

Take a look at how YOUR contributions are making a difference. With your help, the CFEBA has provided support to various energy related programs focused on improving lives worldwide.


Global Solace $10,000 Provide a fully functional solar-electric system and tools to a rural school and health clinic in Carcasse, Haiti.
Arlington Thrive, Inc $10,000 This grant will be used to provide emergency financial assistance to Arlington residents who because of a sudden financial crisis are unable to pay their utility bills


We Care Solar $9,867 To provide the Light Up Tanzania program with four “Solar Suit cases” for use for nighttime deliveries of babies in rural maternity health clinics.
Eagle Energy for their Solar Entrepreneur Project $10,000 Aiding the Navajo Nation. Through the sale of solar products at swap meets and partnering with local shops, their Entrepreneur Project is advocating for a sustainable, market-based transition from fossil fuel to solar technologies that provide better-quality light, lower the cost of monthly energy expenses, and improve health.
Meals on Wheels Association of America $20,000 To support the purchase by a regional Meals On Wheels program of a hybrid vehicle to be used in delivering meals to the ill and shut-in.


Solar Liberty Foundation $10,000 For equipment to complete a solar installation at a health clinic in Tanzania.
Arlington Thrive (formally AMEN) $10,010 Arlington Thrive is a  local charity in Arlington, Virginia that provides same day emergency assistance for residents in crises and they used the CFEBA grant to fund utility bills of their clients


SOME $29,000 This grant was used to fund one-half of the costs of installation of a solar water heating system at Mellon Street, an affordable housing program located in Washington, DC, that SOME is developing.
Innovation Africa $10,000 To drill a water well into the underlying aquifer, construct a water holding tank, and install solar panels and a solar-powered  pump to move water from the well to the tank.
Arlington Academy of Hope, Inc (Uganda School) $15,000 To replace worn equipment and expand the solar energy system.



The Friends of the Buea School for the Deaf $12,500 This grant was utilized to support the interconnection of the Buea School to the transmission distribution grid.
Trees, Water, People $15,000 To fund the fabrication and installation of efficient, supplemental solar air heating systems for 10 low-income tribal families living on reservations across the great plains
Grid Alternatives $2,500 To support the Solar Affordable Housing Program.


My Sister’s Place $95,000 To fund high-efficiency heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment for a women’s shelter. The Foundation was particularly pleased to deliver these funds, as My Sister’s Place had endured a multi-year, uncertain process in securing the government funds that were the core of the financing for this project.
Medical Missionaries $10,000 To pay fuel for the three trucks, one bus, one ambulance, and two generators (approx 100 kW each) to be used to move an immediate responder medical/surgical team, medical supplies, and food throughout Haiti in response to the earthquake.
Machik Corp. $6,300 To purchase six solar water heaters for schools it operates in Tibet


Global Playground $18,000 Which seeks to increase access to quality education in developing countries and to promote cross-cultural exchange of ideas among its schools in developing countries and partnership schools in the United States. The CFEBA provided monies to install solar panels at its schools in Uganda and Cambodia, so that these schools would have a sustainable energy source.
Dollar Energy Fund $10,000 Founded in 1983, Dollar Energy Fund is a 501(c)(3) based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is the fourth largest fuel fund in the United States.  It currently serves individuals in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia.
54th Street Apartments $28,000 The building, which was constructed in partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), was vacant due to a funding shortfall at HUD that prevented the purchase of appliances.  The CFEBA’s grant to purchase energy-efficient appliances enabled the building to open and immediately provide homes to eight families.


Mudzini Wetu (Kenyan Orphanage) $8,900 A CFEBA grant provided funds for the installation of solar panels at the Mudzini Kwetu orphanage in Kenya. The children now have enough electricity so they can study in the evening.


 Aid To Distressed Families Of Appalachian Counties $10,000 To assist low income families with payment of their energy bills. This year, the CFEBA provided funds to provide weatherization materials and labor to assist residents in decreasing utility costs or increasing efficiency.