About FELJ

In 1980, William A. Mogel undertook to create a law journal to capture the breadth and depth of expertise available throughout the Federal Energy Bar Association (FEBA) and dubbed the new publication the Energy Law Journal (ELJ). In 1986, the Foundation of the Energy Law Journal (FELJ) was created to manage the funding and business of the ELJ.

The finances of the FELJ tend to center around the investment account, with annual operations generally designed to operate at a deficit capable of being funded through income and appreciation in the investment account. There is approximately $700,000 in the account. The largest annual expense of the FELJ is the cost of printing and distributing the ELJ.  The FELJ also provides contributions to the University of Tulsa Law School to support the student work on the ELJ, the sponsorship of two summer interns annually in Washington from Tulsa, and the overall management of the relationship with the school.  The FELJ takes in a variety of different types of revenue. Its most significant annual funding contribution comes from the reception it hosts for the administrative law judges of the
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (the ALJ Reception). Additionally, significant revenue is brought in through the sale of advertising pages in the ELJ, confined to member law firms and consulting firms. Other revenue from advertising in the ELJ, subscriptions for non-EBA-members, contributions from interested individuals or organizations, and royalties for the use of ELJ materials round out the positive side of the FELJ income statement.