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EBA Brief is produced by the Energy Law Journal as a benefit to EBA members and is an opportunity for members to engage in the pursuit of professional excellence.

EBA Brief contains timely articles on energy-related legal or policy issues of interest to legal and energy professionals. Readers should expect insightful articles from colleagues on current cases, regulatory actions, and industry trends. EBA Brief will serve as an excellent opportunity for members to exchange ideas, remain current, and engage in open debate. EBA Brief is published periodically throughout the year based on the volume of article submissions.

EBA Brief Editions

Spring 2024, Volume 5, Issue 1
In This Edition
Why We Should Not Be Quick to Move Away From Single Clearing Price Auctions In RTO Markets
By Matt Estes
The Office of Public Participation at FERC: From Launch to Implementation
By Nicole W. Sitaraman and Joseph A. Rosenthal

Spring 2023, Volume 4, Issue 1
In This Edition
The Hydrogen Pipeline Debate Requires Candid and Serious Consideration of Existing Regulatory Regimes
By Richard E. Powers Jr., Joseph R. Hicks, and William G. Bolgiano
The Impact of West Virginia v. EPA on Challenges to FERC’s Authority Under the Major Questions Doctrine
By Donald L. R. Goodson

Fall 2022, Volume 3, Issue 2
In This Edition
Jurisdiction Over Hydrogen Pipelines and Pathways to an Effective Regulatory Regime
By Michael Diamond
After the Storm: Changes to Texas Electricity Regulation in the Wake of Winter Storm Uri
By Josiah Neeley

Spring 2022, Volume 3, Issue 1
In This Edition
Would FERC’s Landmark Decisions Have Survived Review Under the Supreme Court’s Expanding “Major Questions Doctrine” And Could The Doctrine Stifle New Regulatory Initiatives?
By Harvey L. Reiter
Split (Non)Decisions: The Practitioner’s Guide To Section 205(G) Of The Federal Power Act
By Alan J. Rukin, Steven Shparber, and Omar Bustami

Spring 2021, Volume 2, Issue 1
In This Edition
A Modest Proposal on Federal Transmission Policy Reform
By The Honorable Joseph T. Kelliher
Can FERC And The Bankruptcy Courts Have Concurrent Jurisdiction Over The Rejection of FERC-Jurisdictional Contracts In Bankruptcy?
By John Paul Floom & Shereen Jennifer Panahi
Section 45q Tax Credit For Secure Geological Storage Of Co2: History, State Of Play, And An Eye To The Future
By Philip M. Marston

Spring 2020, Volume 1, Issue 1
In This Edition
"You Can't Always Get What You Want": Finding Consensus in Regulatory Decision-Making
By Cheryl A. LaFleur
What I Have Learned At The Front Line (So Far)...
By Pat Wood, III

Fall 2020, Volume 1, Issue 2
In This Edition
Setting An Agenda: The Next Decade For The Commission
By Norman C. Bay
Restoring Consensus And Balance To Ferc's Market Policies
By Harvey Reiter, Jonathan Schneider and Abraham Silverman
Market-Based Rates In The Western Energy Imbalance And Extended Day-Ahead Markets
By David Hunger, Edo Macon, Goran Vojvodic and Alexia Dupuis

Fall 2020, Special Edition
In This Edition

Achieving Equity in Our Industry
By Paula R. Glover
Accepting The Challenge
By Joann Chávez
Promoting Racial Justice In The Electric Utility Sector
By Gil C. Quiniones
Rural Electric Cooperative Programs Embody Diversity, Equity And Inclusion
By Curtis Wynn
Just Transition to Renewable Energy Coming Just In Time For Appalachia
By Laura M. Martin
Principles To Advance Energy Justice for Native Americans
By Catherine J.K. Sandoval

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