Cornerstone Project

2017 CFEBA Cornerstone Project: Akuyam Village is enjoying access to CLEAN WATER!

In video above, a woman from Akuyam Village in Uganda says: "Energy Bar, thank you, please rescue us from suffering. We want water."

Through the generosity of our many sponsors and contributors, the CFEBA played crucial role in improving the quality of life for an entire village in Uganda, by awarding 2 grants to Innovation Africa, totaling $103,000.

CFEBA partnered with Innovation: Africa, an 501 (c)(3) non-profit, to provide life-changing solar water pump and drip irrigation technology to the Akuyam Village in Uganda.

Yaari and her team were on a humanitarian mission in Karamoja Uganda, when they unexpectedly ended up in the Akuyam Village, where an ongoing drought had created famine conditions on a scale they had not witnessed before. In February, while Innovation Africa’s team was there, 37 people died from starvation in one week. People had no choice but to eat leaves and mice to stay alive.

With your help, Innovation Africa has completed drilling beneath the ground in the aquifer, has installed a water tank, a solar pump, and solar panels to pump water up to the tank. The Akuyam village now has access to CLEAN WATER!  The last phase of the project is the building of the water taps throughout the community, so that there is access in 10 locations for the 4,600 people that call the Karamoja region home.




The Innovation Africa team has been working to train the community on irrigating seeds and seedlings and they are having tremendous success, as seen in pictures below.




Prior to the completion of this project, their only water source was seasonal river water, that the average family had to fetch 3-4 times/day.  During the dry season, the wait time for water was 3 hours or more. Even when the water was available immediately, it was contaminated, causing many cases of diarrhea, cholera, skin irritations, cough, typhoid, and more.

Additional funds raised by the attendees of this years Power of Water fundraising gala, enabled Innovation Africa to provide funding for additional water taps for the village, as well as distribute food and seeds to the community to help alleviate the famine and hunger that has devastated Akuyam village. The photos below show the village rejoicing at the news of the water pump funding and receiving food from CFEBA!


Sivan Yaari, Founder & CEO of Innovation Africa writes to CFEBA donors: " I truly hope one day in the near future we can travel to Karamoja together to see first-hand how CFEBA has transformed their lives… I can't express enough my gratitude to you and EBA for your generous and life-changing contribution.”

In February, 2018, CFEBA donors are invited to Karamoja to celebrate, with the Akuyam Village, the opening of the taps! For the first time, 4,600 people of the Akuyam Village will have fresh water at their disposal.  If you are interested in traveling to Uganda to be part of this memorable experience, please contact Michele Smith, Manager, Chapter & Foundation Relations, at MICHELE@EBA-NET.ORG.


By partnering directly with communities in the installation and maintenance of innovative technology used by Innovation Africa, they increase the capacity of these communities to not just survive, but to thrive. Data demonstrates that, in over 100 villages in seven countries: economic opportunities abound; education levels increase; malnutrition and water-borne diseases are significantly reduced if not wiped out; villages have the infrastructure to support advanced technology in classrooms and clinics; and entire villages are strengthened as residents' quality of life improves, particularly for women and children who no longer need to spend their days searching for water. Since the founding of iA in 2008, they have provided nearly 1 million people living in regions most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change with the means to combat it, and we have strong evidence to show that it is not only lifesaving, but cost effective and fully sustainable.