Europe’s power companies sign up to accelerate energy transition
Eurelectric, the European electricity industry trade group, has announced a new long-term vision for a low carbon future.
Rising coal exports give short-term aid to an ailing industry
A shake-up in global coal trading has delivered some oxygen to the struggling American mining industry, driving up exports to energy-hungry countries.
4 regions use capacity markets to help ensure adequate resources, but FERC has not fully assessed their performance
To ensure there will be enough electricity from power plants to meet customers' future needs, some U.S.
Solar and wind power face serious threats from the Trump administration
Less than a year into President Trump’s time in office, clean energy developers face a slew of unanticipated threats from the White House and Republicans in Congress that could
Stakes Are High for Solar Power as Puerto Rico Rebuilds
Walter Meyer is a landscape architect from Brooklyn, but on a
Japan’s energy industry embraces biomass
Japan’s energy system has undergone several transitions over the past century, in response to changing market conditions and political and environmental shocks, and is experienc
New York energy storage target official after Gov. Cuomo signs bill
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) on Nov. 30 signed into law a bill that makes New York the fourth state to adopt an energy storage target.
Looking past the horizon of renewable energy
Many utilities and investors still view wide deployment of renewable-energy technologies with caution.
How solar energy will transform in 20 years
The solar energy industry has been notoriously difficult to predict correctly, as energy experts at the IEA have constantly
Gas rush: FERC's pipeline approvals underline persisting controversy over permitting
Most of the media spotlight on FERC lately has focused on generation subsidies proposed by the Department of Energy.