Strategic Plan


EBA's Mission: To advance the professional excellence of those engaged in energy law, regulation and policy through professional education, exploration of diverse viewpoints, and building connections within the energy community.

Core Values

  • EBA is committed to creating an environment that facilitates dialogue and debate designed to explore the multiple facets of current and emerging issues and policy, and to surface innovative ideas.
  • EBA is committed to growing an inclusive community that connects and engages a vast and diverse array of energy industry participants and thought leaders.
Enhanced Regional Presence

EBA’s reputation and brand as the preeminent energy bar association, and its ability to successfully build community and effectively address local/regional issues, depends on the existence of a robust chapter system. As part of this strategic objective, the EBA is actively working to strengthen its chapters across the U.S. and Canada.

Enhance Technology for Optimal Member Experience

EBA's brand identity is greatly enhanced through engaging, leading-edge program delivery methodology and administrative technology. As part of this objective, the EBA is investing in new technology tools to improve the member experience.

Provide Exceptional Informational & Educational Content

Positioning EBA as the preferred provider of energy-related knowledge, maintaining its ability to convene industry players, including thought leaders, and delivering a powerful value proposition requires a comprehensive, timely, strategically targeted education program.

Young Professionals, Law Students & Diverse Communities

EBA’s ability to grow and develop future association leaders, and its long-term relevancy, is dependent on a brand identity and value proposition that resonates with law students and young professionals and that represents the diversity of the energy community.