EBA Awards


The EBA President's Award is given occasionally to an individual that has made an extraordinary contribution to the profession or the development of energy law over a long career.  Awarded on occasion.


lisa murkowski
  • 2023 - Senator Lisa Murkowski
  • 2019 - Robert S. Fleishman
  • 2017 - Robert Nordhaus
  • 2010 - Richard D. Cudahy (Judge)
  • 2008 - Richard J. Pierce, Jr.
  • 2006 - Senator Pete V. Domenici
  • 2004 - Charles B. Curtis
  • 2002 - Stephen F. Williams (Judge)
  • 2001 - Congressman John D. Dingell


The Jason F. Leif Chapter Service Award was created in memory of Jason F. Leif, a past EBA President, a past President of the Houston Chapter of the EBA, and a motivating force in the revitalization of the Houston Chapter. This award honors and recognizes exemplary long-term service, or one or more particularly significant examples of service, by an EBA member to one or more of the EBA Chapters. Exemplary service to the community in connection with EBA Chapter activities may also be considered. The award is granted as deemed warranted by the EBA Board and may, or may not, be granted annually. In May 2018, Jason was presented the first award, posthumously. 

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  • 2023 - Kelli Cole
  • 2022 - Jason Marshall
  • 2021 - Cynthia B. Miller
  • 2020 - Crystal McDonough
  • 2019 - Daniel T. Pancamo
  • 2018 - Jason F. Leif


This award is given to an EBA Member who has shown unequivocal support of EBA’s diversity and inclusion program with sustained efforts toward the active promotion of diversity and inclusion within the Association and legal profession. This person embodies the principles of EBA’s Diversity and Inclusion program as outlined in the Diversity and Inclusion Policy and through their actions in EBA, CFEBA and FELJ and/or their professional career.

The award was presented for the first time in May 2019 to Emma Hand, a former EBA President who was the driving force behind EBA’s establishment of a formal Diversity and Inclusion Policy. The award is granted as deemed warranted by the EBA Board and may, or may not, be granted annually.

Andrea Wolfman - 2022 Press Release

  • 2022 - Andrea Wolfman
  • 2021 - Sherry A. Quirk
  • 2020 - Chief Judge Carmen A. Cintron
  • 2019 - Emma Hand


This Award was created in memory of Paul Nordstrom, a past President of the Energy Bar Association (“EBA”) and motivating force in the organization of the Charitable Foundation of the EBA (“CFEBA”).  The first award was given to Paul posthumously.  It is an award to honor and to recognize exemplary long-term service or a particularly significant example of public service by a current or past member to the community through the EBA, the CFEBA, or the Foundation of the Energy Law Journal.  Exemplary community service outside of these organizations may also be considered as a criterion for the Award.  Nominations are accepted each year by the Nominating committee and generally during the summer. Awarded in the Fall.

  • 2023 -  Rick Smead
  • 2022 - Donna M. Attanasio
  • 2021 - David T. Doot
  • 2020 - Harvey L. Reiter
  • 2019 - James Curtis "Curt" Moffatt
  • 2018 - Susan N. Kelly
  • 2017 - Michael Stosser
  • 2016 - Robert S. Fleishman
  • 2015 - A. Karen Hill
  • 2014 - Paul B. Mohler
  • 2013 -William Mogel
  • 2012 - Freddi L. Greenberg,
  • 2011 - Richard Meyer
  • 2010 - Sheila S. Hollis
  • 2009 - Paul E. Nordstrom


The State/Provincial Regulatory Practitioner Award was created to recognize the impact of EBA members at the state or provincial level. The award is given to those who represent clients before U.S. , or Canadian provincial, regulatory agencies and whose advocacy has produced significant results or recognition. In addition, the recipient's practice reflects enhanced professional competence of the practice of energy law and has made substantial contributions to the advancement of energy law in the state(s) or province(s) in which the nominee practices. These contributions could be through the nominee's work in private practice; government service (including ALJs and public service commission staff); academia; legislative activities; or any combination of the foregoing.  Nominees must be a member of the EBA, or must have been, a member of the EBA, for 3 or more years.

EBA23 Midyear-Day 2 - 89 (Small)
  • 2023 - Cliona Mary Robb
  • 2022 - Cindy Miller
  • 2021 - Frank R. Lindh
  • 2020 - Holly Rachel Smith
  • 2019 - H. Russell Frisby
  • 2019 - Andrew O. Kaplan
  • 2016 - Sandra Mattavous-Frye
  • 2015 - Stephen H. Watts, II
  • 2014 - Charles Gray
  • 2013 - Jeff Genzer
  • 2012 - Honorable Sonny Popowsky, recently retired Consumer Advocate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • 2011 - Ben Stone
  • 2010 - James Van Nostrand


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First awarded in 2023, the Rising Star in Energy Award may be given to one or more person(s) in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the EBA, CFEBA, and/or FELJ early in their careers.  Recipients must have no more than 10 years of practice as an attorney/energy professional, have been a member of EBA for at least 2 years, which may include time spent as a student member, must have demonstrated a substantial commitment to the practice of energy law through their work, in addition to a commitment to EBA, its mission, and its core values, such as EBA’s diversity and inclusion policy and pro bono efforts, and must have demonstrated engagement in EBA through leadership or other proactive efforts as evidenced by EBA, CFEBA or FELJ committee or council membership,

2023 - Serena A. Rwejuna