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EBA Insights newsletter highlights news gathered from sources like The Associated Press, The New York Times, Financial Times and the leading industry publications. Sent to the inbox of EBA members twice monthly, EBA Insights keeps you up to date on the latest headlines, resources, and events critical to attorneys and professionals in the energy law space.

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Monday Memos

Monday Memos is the EBA’s bi-monthly electronic newsletter. This members-only benefit includes the latest news from EBA, information about upcoming events, recaps of recent events, and unique volunteer and engagement opportunities. Monday Memos is delivered electronically to EBA members and is not archived online.

EBA Brief

The EBA Brief contains timely articles on energy-related legal or policy issues of interest to legal and energy professionals. Readers should expect insightful articles from colleagues on current cases, regulatory actions, and industry trends. EBA Brief will serve as an excellent opportunity for members to exchange ideas, remain current, and engage in open debate. The EBA Brief is published periodically throughout the year based on the volume of article submissions.

EBA Brief

EBA Authored Articles and Updates

EBA Authored Articles and EBA Updates provide information about thought leaders in the energy law and policy community and help keep members apprised of what is happening with the EBA, the Charitable Foundation of the Energy Bar Association and the Foundation of the Energy Law Journal.  These publications are written periodically based on the availability of volunteer authors.

Authored Articles and Updates

Energy Sector Reports

Energy Sector Reports are developed and written by EBA subject-matter committees. These reports were previously printed in the hardcopy versions of the Energy Law Journal, but they are now produced only electronically.

Energy Sector Reports

Energy Exchange Podcast

The Energy Exchange podcasts are conversations with luminaries across the energy industry.  The interviewees are thought leaders, CEOs, attorneys, cutting edge entrepreneurs, and experts who have a deep understanding of energy issues and are working to shape our energy future.

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Energy Law Journal

The Energy Law Journal publishes legal, policy, and economic articles and other materials of lasting interest with significant research value on subjects dealing with the energy industries.

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