Rocky Mountain Chapter

About the EBA Rocky Mountain Chapter

The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the EBA covers the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. This chapter focuses on issues in energy regulation specific to the rocky mountain region of the United States. Join us for our all-day Annual Meeting, webinars, and happy hour networking events across the region!




Austin Rueschhoff

Denver, CO


Vice President

Mustafa Ostrander

Denver, CO



Lauren Caliendo

Denver, CO

Other Board Officers

Jim Martin, Director
Craig Johnson, Director
Ross Keough, Director
Kelly Clark, Director
Cedric Ireland, Director
Tyler Mansholt, Director
Francesca Ciliberti-Ayres, Director
Austin Jensen, Director
Jana Reznickova, Student Member
Roni Shaner, Student Member
Erin Green, EBA Board Liaison

Upcoming Events