Award nomination process

Paul E. Nordstrom Service Award                     

This Award was created in memory of Paul Nordstrom, a past President of the Energy Bar Association (“EBA”) and motivating force in the organization of the Charitable Foundation of the EBA (“CFEBA”).  The first award was given to Paul posthumously.  It is an award to honor and to recognize exemplary long-term service or a particularly significant example of public service by a current or past member to the community through the EBA, the CFEBA, or the Foundation of the Energy Law Journal.  Exemplary community service outside of these organizations may also be considered as a criterion for the Award.  Nominations are accepted each year by the Nominating committee and generally during the summer. 


James Curtis "Curt" Moffatt, 2019 - to be awarded at the Mid-Year Energy Forum

Recipients of the award include:

  • Susan N. Kelly, 2018
  • Michael Stosser, 2017 
  • Robert S. Fleishman, 2016
  • A. Karen Hill, 2015
  • Paul B. Mohler, 2014
  • William Mogel, 2013
  • Freddi L. Greenberg, 2012
  • Richard Meyer, 2011
  • Sheila S. Hollis, 2010
  • Paul E. Nordstrom, 2009

Jason F. Leif Chapter Service Award

This Award was created in memory of Jason F. Leif, a past President of the Energy Bar Association (“EBA”), a past President of the Houston Chapter of the EBA, and a motivating force in the revitalization of the Houston Chapter.  This award honors and recognizes exemplary long-term service, or one or more particularly significant examples of service, by an EBA member to one or more of the EBA Chapters, enhancing the role of the EBA Chapters in representing EBA’s values and character at the regional level.  Exemplary service to the community in connection with EBA Chapter activities may also be considered.  The EBA Board created this award in 2018, and voted unanimously to honor Jason as the first recipient of the Award.  Beginning in 2019, nominations will be accepted each year by the EBA Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee may submit a recommendation to the EBA Board for its consideration and approval.  If the Nominating Committee recommends, and the Board approves, a nominee, the Award will be given to the nominee during the EBA Annual Meeting.

  • Daniel T. Pancamo, 2019
  • Jason F. Leif, 2018


Daniel T. Pancamo

State Regulatory Practitioner Award

The award recognizes innovation and superior advocacy by members of the state utility regulatory bar. The award is consistent with the committee's goal to be a resource to lawyers who focus their practice on state energy regulatory matters. The award will be presented at EBA's Mid-Year meeting.  Nominees should satisfy the following criteria:

  • State representation is a predominant part of the nominee's total practice;
  • The nominee's state practice and participation in the state energy regulatory process has produced significant results or recognition;
  • The nominee's state practice reflects enhanced professional competence of the practice of energy law; and
  • The nominee must be a member of the EBA.

Nomination submissions are collected each year during the summer and should be directed to the Chair of the State Commission Practice and Regulation Committee.

FrisbyR_HS    Kaplan_Andrew_20140922_Large

H. Russell Frisby           Andrew O. Kalpan

2019 Award Recipients 

Recipients of the award include:

  • Sandra Mattavous-Frye, 2016
  • Stephen H. Watts, II 2015
  • Charles Gray, 2014
  • Jeff Genzer, 2013
  • Honorable Sonny Popowsky, recently retired Consumer Advocate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 2012
  • Ben Stone
  • James Van Nostrand

EBA President's Award

The EBA President's Award is given occasionally to an individual that has made an extraordinary contribution to the profession or the development of energy law over a long career.  


Robert S. Fleishman, 2019- EBA PRESS RELEASE 

Previous recipients are listed below:

2017            Robert Nordhaus
2010            Richard D. Cudahy (Judge)
2008            Richard J. Pierce, Jr.
2006            Senator Pete V. Domenici
2004           Charles B. Curtis
                                                        2002           Stephen F. Williams (Judge)
                                                        2001           Congressman John D. Dingell


Diversity and Inclusion Champion

The Diversity and Inclusion Champion Award will be presented for the first time in May 2019

Hand,_EmmaEmma Hand, 2019