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EBA Annual Meeting - April 3-4

library All handouts from Annual Meeting Day 1

library All handouts from Annual Meeting Day 2

Mid-Year Energy Forum - October 16-17

library All handouts from Mid-Year Energy Forum Day 1

library All handouts from Mid-Year Energy Forum Day 2

Primers, 2017

cleapproved EBA Primer Series: ELECTRIC RELIABILITY: PART 1       CLE CREDIT

cleapproved EBA Primer Series: ELECTRIC RELIABILITY: PART 2       CLE CREDIT

EBA Energizers, 2017

ondemand The Clean Power Plan: What Lies Beyond - December 19

Free_iconlibrarycleapproved NERC Enforcement 101 - An Overview of NERC's Enforcement Authority - Nov. 6   CLE CREDIT

Free_iconlibrarycleapproved LNG exports fueled by the hydraulic fracturing revolution - September 18      CLE CREDIT

ondemand Distributed Generation Resources in the DC/Maryland/Virginia Region - April 25

Annual Chapter Meetings

library Northeast Chapter - June 1

library Rocky Mountain Chapter - May 19

library Southern Chapter - February 16

library Midwest Chapter - March 7

library Western Chapter - February 24

Other Events

Free_iconlibrary Midwest Energizer: Today’s Regional Electric Markets & the Impact of State & Federal Policies - November 1

Free_iconlibrary Houston Energizer: FERC Enforcement: Effectively Defending Investigations, Recent Developments - October 26

Free_iconlibrary FELJ Author Talk with Ari Peskoe - September 13

Free_iconlibrary Houston Chapter Energizer: Not in my Backyard - Eminent Domain in Texas: Case Law and Legislative Update 

Free_iconlibrarycleapproved Without A Quorum, How Will FERC Operate? FERC Staff Answer Questions - Feb. 22      CLE CREDIT

Free_iconlibrarycleapproved Author Talk: State Constitutional Limitations on the Future of California's Carbon Market - Feb. 9   CLE CREDIT

library Houston Chapter: Texas Gas Exports to Mexico: The Markets, the Pipelines, and the Law - February 8

Free_iconlibrary FERC's eTariff Filing Procedures for Settlements - February 1

Free_iconlibrary Trends in NRC Litigation, an ASLBP Perspective - January 12

cleapproved Can State CO2 Reduction Policies be Implemented Through FERC-Regulated Tariffs?      CLE CREDIT