EBA Webinar Training Pass


It is critical to stay relevant in this rapidly changing energy world. In the face of new policies, regulations, technologies, and market pressures, get the training you need to stay one step ahead. For 75 years, EBA has helped those in the energy law space manage current and future challenges with our high-quality educational programming. 

Stay informed on timely topics important to your practice year-round.

Ditch the headache that comes with CLE and professional development approvals, schedules, and budgeting. With the EBA Webinar Training Pass it can be a one ask, one-time payment, hassle-free experience!
The EBA Webinar Training Pass program gives subscribers a digital code to use to participate in any of our upcoming Energizer or Energy Law Academy Courses for all of 2022 – that is approximately 25+ new programs! All live webinar attendees are eligible for any approved CLE credit hours. PLUS- Training Pass subscribers also get year-round access to all 2021 Energizer and Academy Course recordings for self-study and research!
This year in addition to the corporate training pass for your energy practice or team, EBA members can also take advantage of  this extensive resource by purchasing the individual pass! Start 2022 ready to focus on the legal issues and aspects of energy law that matter most to your practice.

UPCOMING  EVENTS included with training pass :

January 12 Climate Change and Resiliency, ELJ Sponsored

January 25 Cyber Security (Committee Event w/ Texas Chapter Meeting)

January 27 Congressional Legislation Energizer (Electricity Committee) 

March 24 Southern Chapter Annual Conference 

*more details to come soon*


Some Highlights of 2021 Recorded Programs include:

  • DERs and the Impact of Order No. 2222 on RTOs/ISOs
  •  Rumble in the Regulatory Jungle: Rockefeller V. Hart: A Comparison of The NGA and ICA
  • Diversity & Inclusion in the Energy Industry: A Round-table with Energy Industry Leaders
  • Enforcement & Compliance in 2021 and Beyond
  • Electric Power in The Biden Era
  • Author Talk: The Potential of Cooperative Energy To Produce A Sustainable & Peaceful Middle East
  • FERC Enforcement: Recent Developments & What Lies Ahead In A New Administration
  • Canadian Chapter: Is Alberta the New Texas
  • EBA Texas Symposium 
  • Rocky Mountain Chapter Energizer: Initiatives & Technological Developments in Wildfire Mitigation
  • EBA Implications of the Transmission ANOPR for the Northeast
  • Hydrogen in the West: How Will Hydrogen Play a Part in the Western Energy Transition?
  • Northeast Chapter: 2021 Cybersecurity Energy Law Summit


EBA Webinar Training Pass Pricing: Whether you’re focused on CLE requirements, learning new markets, or staying relevant in this constantly evolving industry, EBA has the educational content to get you where you need to be in your career. EBA members can purchase this exclusive package at the low rate of $475!

If you bought all the our webinars offered in 2021 individually, EBA members would each pay $2,198.00!
EBA Webinar Training Pass Pricing: Groups

Group pricing allows you to register your entire team of participating members of energy law practice for an annual subscription at a discounted rate. An annual group webinar training pass is available for groups of six or more. Groups with more than six participating will receive an additional $75 discount per person, average of 6 participants = $366 per person per price





From gas and pipeline, to electricity and renewables law and policy, EBA is here to keep to give our members a competitive edge. Each month we also host several webinars, covering an array of energy law topics; PLUS most qualify for 1 or 1.5 CLE Credits. EBA plans to present 3 Academy Courses in 2022- stay tuned for details! 


  • In-depth training from industry experts, policy makers and energy practitioners that can be shared by your entire energy practice or company.
  • Registration to participate in every Energizer webinar and all Energy Law Academy courses we host in 2022.
  • All recorded programming and speaker material for these programs so you can view on your own time, when need be!
  • Unlimited access to all archived webinars, conference recordings and speaker material from recorded 2021 programming.
  • A firm/company digital code so your team can easily register online for any included programs all year and secure available CLE credits.

Cost of All Included Webinars if purchased separately in 2021:

Webinar Training Pass
Individual Price

Webinar Training Pass Group Subscription Price

$2,095.00 per member

$475 per member


Unlimited member Pass: $2198

Pay for each webinar separately

Live participation for all Energizers and Academy Courses for 2022 for 1 EBA Member

Live participation for all Energizers and Academy Courses for 2022 for your entire energy practice or team.

Get approval for expense/submit for reimbursement

Includes CLE for participation (when available)

Includes CLE for participation for your entire team (when available)


Flexible options to participate live or watch recording

Flexible options to participate live or watch recording


subscribers get a digital code to use to participate in any of our upcoming Energizer or Academy Course Webinars

Group gets a org. digital code for their entire team to participate in any of our upcoming Energizer or Academy Course Webinars


Stay up to speed all year for one quarter of the cost of separate registrations.

Drastically reduce your spending and associated costs. Spend less on programming and CLE for entire participating team than the cost of each webinar for 1 member.


Access to 2021 Webinar Recordings for self-study

Opens budget for more inclusivity for more of team to participate in trainings and join important discussions

Pay full price for Annual Meeting & Fall Forum

Pay full price for Annual Meeting & Fall Forum

10% Discount on Virtual participation on Annual Meeting & Fall Forum per member





Interested? Contact Richelle Kelly at rkelly@eba-net.org for an invoice or Michele Smith at jhannan@eba-net.org with any questions.



If you need any assistance or have any questions in regards to the EBA Webinar Training Pass,  please contact Jack Hannan at (202) 499-5825.