Canadian Chapter


President and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Gordon Kaiser, Calgary, Alberta (GORDON.KAISER0@GMAIL.COM)

Vice President and Director
Louis Legault, Montreal, Quebec (LOUIS.LEGAULT@REGIE-ENERGIE.QC.CA)

Secretary and Director
Mary Anne Aldred, Toronto, Ontario

Treasurer and Director
Anna Fung, Vancouver, British Columbia (ANNA.FUNG@BCUC.COM)

Robert Fleishman, Washington, D.C. (ROBERT.FLEISHMAN@KIRKLAND.COM)
Peter Gurnham, Halifax, Nova Scotia (PETER.GURNHAM@NOVASCOTIA.CA)
Bob Heggie, Calgary, Alberta (BOB.HEGGIE@AUC.AB.CA)

This chapter will hold programming in Canada but will also hold programming in the US, but focused on Canada. We encourage you to participate in Chapter events. See the Calendar for upcoming events.



The Energy Bar Association has chartered this Chapter in recognition of the significant number of Association members who live and work in energy law in the geographical boundaries of the Chapter. Through Chapter involvement, EBA members will be able to fully participate in the activities and enjoy the benefits of membership and help further the mission of the Association, which is: "To enhance the professional competence of those who practice and administer energy law".