Joining the EBA Board

Nominations Period Open Until February 16, 2024

The Committee on Nominations of the Energy Bar Association (EBA) is seeking nominees to fill open positions on EBA’s Board of Directors. The deadline for submissions is Friday, February 16, 2024. The election to fill these positions will occur at EBA’s Annual Meeting on Friday, April 26, 2024.

The Committee requests that EBA voting members submit names of possible candidates for nomination to fill the following EBA Board positions:

  • Vice President (1-year term)
  • Assistant Secretary (1-year term)
  • Assistant Treasurer (1-year term)
  • Directors (3-year terms) – five openings
  • Student Member of the Board (1-year term)
  • Energy Professional Member (3-year term)

EBA Mission Statement

To promote the professional excellence and ethical integrity of its members in the practice, administration, and development of energy laws, regulations and policies by providing superior educational programming; networking opportunities; and information resources.

Board Member Responsibilities and Commitments

Members of the Board of Directors of the Energy Bar Association accept certain responsibilities together with the privilege of serving on the Board. The Energy Bar Association understands and respects the obligations and duties associated with each Director’s employment and personal commitments, but relies on the Directors to volunteer time and resources to help achieve the objectives of EBA. The following list is provided as a guideline of expectations, and is based on the dedicated commitment of Board members who have served with selfless dedication in the past and are serving now. Board members are expected:

To promote and actively support EBA’s mission and strategic plan; to attend all Board meetings during the year, to be prepared for, and actively participate in, Board meetings, Board Committees and task forces; to participate on at least one Board Committee; to provide timely and thoughtful input for the EBA’s pursuit of issues and projects; to actively recruit members (with a goal of five new members per year) and/or actively encourage attendance at EBA national meetings (with a goal of five registrants per meeting).

Board members also help identify opportunities for the EBA in areas such as marketing and public relations exposure, partnering options, university contacts and recognition, new ventures and sources of non-dues revenue, and membership growth.

Serving on the EBA Board is a three-year commitment.

In addition to these guidelines, the EBA encourages each Director to provide a personal financial contribution at a level determined by each individual Board member to both the Charitable Foundation of EBA and the Foundation of the Energy Law Journal each year. These contributions allow each organization to state that there is 100% EBA Board support for each organization, which serves as a powerful and important message that inspires other donors.

EBA Board Nominations

The EBA Nominating Committee accepts nominations for EBA Board vacancies at the beginning of the year. A Call for Nominations is issued in December or January, nominations are due in February, and EBA members elect new Board members at the Annual Meeting in the spring. Watch the EBA website, the Monday Memos e-newsletter, or email for information.