Law Academy Course 107

Energy Trading

Course 107

In Course 107, energy lawyers will learn the fundamentals of energy trading. Our faculty will introduce participants to the purposes and benefits of trading, basic concepts in trading, the energy products that are commonly traded, and the markets in which they are traded. Our faculty will discuss how trades are documented, and who the major trading platforms are and how they operate. Finally, we will provide more detailed discussion of trading in natural gas, oil, and electricity.

Energy Law Academy Certificate of Achievement: Three Electives from Course 106, 107, 108, 109, or 110 are a requirement to obtain the Energy Law Academy Certificate of Achievement.


This session will address what “energy trading” is and why energy attorneys should understand the fundamentals of energy trading. Our faculty will outline the purposes and benefits of trading transactions. Throughout the discussion, the faculty will provide examples of trading to illustrate the concepts being discussed, highlight trading concepts related to current approaches and theories of regulators and market monitors to claims of “market manipulation,” and explain how competitive trading is distinguished from manipulative behavior.

Energy Transactions
Our faculty will explore in greater depth the types of transactions entered into in the energy industry, including standardized products, physical and financial products, and customized transactions. Our faculty also will explain the personnel and their roles, from front office to back office.

Products – What They Are & Some of the Lingo
Our faculty will explain in greater detail the various products being traded, both physical and financial. This session will provide a solid introduction to common trading lingo.

Our faculty will discuss the relevant regulators in the energy trading markets.

Trading Documentation
In this session, our faculty will provide an introduction to the key trading agreements commonly used in energy transactions.

Trading Platforms
Our faculty will provide an overview of the major energy trading platforms.

Trading Demo
Our primer will conclude with a live demonstration of the execution of an energy trade. Participants will be able to view the same screen shots that traders commonly use.