Law Academy Course 109

Introduction to Hydropower

Course 109

The purpose of Course 109 is to provide attorneys who are new to the practice of hydroelectric law a foundational understanding of the hydroelectric industry and how it is regulated by teaching basic industry fundamentals and core regulatory and legal concepts. Course 109 also provides an overview of key legal and policy issues affecting the industry today.

Energy Law Academy Certificate of Achievement: Three Electives from Course 106, 107, 108, 109, or 110 are a requirement to obtain the Energy Law Academy Certificate of Achievement.


What is Hydropower? 

  • Historical perspective
  • Types of hydropower facilities
  • Role of hydropower in electric system and markets
  • The regulation of hydropower

Legal Overview 

  • Historical perspective
  • Federal Power Act (FPA)
  • Key Environmental Statutes

FERC Authorization of Non-Federal Hydropower

  • Types of authorizations
  • Licensing processes
  • Key statutory provisions

Overlapping Jurisdiction Issues in Licensing

  • FERC and other federal agencies
  • FERC and state agencies

FERC Administration of Non-Federal Hydropower

  • License implementation and compliance
  • License amendments
  • Enforcement
  • License reopeners
  • License surrender
  • Decommissioning

Other Federal Agency Administration of Non-Federal Hydropower

  • Bureau of Reclamation Authorization
  • Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Leasing of MHK Technologies
  • Army Corps of Engineers Authorization

Regulatory and Policy Issues Affecting Hydropower Today