The best outdoor industry conference in the US! The dates are December 5-7, with an opening Meet and Greet on the evening of December 4. The first key note will be at 8:30 AM on December 5th.

Key Note and Closing Sessions – these are 60-minute presentations designed to enlighten you, to give you information to make changes to your business, or to inspire you as you go through your busy seasons and lives.

General Sessions – these 60-minute sessions were created to provide relevant information for improving your business, increasing your knowledge base, and growing your career. These sessions are geared toward all meeting attendees, who should find value in the content.

Concurrent Sessions – Participate in 90-minute workshops focused on very important aspects of your business at no added cost. You’ll pick up ideas to take your business to the next level.

Marketing Learn from experts in the field how to leverage your marketing strategies to improve your exposure and ultimately sales

CEO/Owner Sessions designed exclusively for upper management to aid with leadership and overall strategic business management

Manager Courses and experts gathered who will help you reach and hopefully exceed your career expectations and be a great leader

Legal/HR Sessions created with management in mind…these sessions will provide valuable insight into the legalities of operating a business

 Risk Management A comprehensive review of the AOA Risk Management Manual as well as information that you can use right away

Social Media Discover new strategies to draw the ideal customer to your business and create a more successful social media marketing plan.

Technology Understand what tools are available to owners, managers, and staff to help make their work easier, less stressful, and more productive

Idea Exchange – these 90-minute sessions include a professional and experienced facilitator who will provide a basis for organic discussion. These sessions allow attendees to interact with other people to exchange information.  It’s a great opportunity to connect with industry peers, find mentors, and share experiences.

Round Table Discussions – these hour-long gatherings provide participants with the chance to network and connect with peers.  Specific topics will be discussed and interesting conversation and maybe even debates may ensue.  These are generally not facilitated, but will have a moderator to take notes.

Regional Meetings – all meeting attendees are encouraged to attend the regional meetings which will be moderated by members of the AOA Board of Directors.  The idea is to share information about trends, governmental or regulatory issues, and connect with one another.