EBA YLC Blog: Getting The Most Out Of FERC’s eLibrary

Attorneys beginning to work on FERC matters will find themselves plumbing the depths of its eLibrary.  The database serves as a vital portal into proceedings before the agency.

By Cary Glynn, Associate, Steptoe


Docket numbers

Custom dates

Keyword Searches

Don’t forget you can use all-caps Boolean search operators like AND, NOT, “”, and ().  You can also use locational operators:

  • PARAGRAPH/SENTENCE.  “electric”+PARAGRAPH+“power” will produce results where electric and power are in the same paragraph.  Swap in SENTENCE to restrict to one sentence.
  • NEARNelectric NEAR3 power will produce documents where power is within 3 words of electric.

Document class type selector

Description field

Navigating the search results page