Energy Law Academy


The EBA Energy Law Academy focuses on the core legal and regulatory concepts and basic industry fundamentals that every energy law practitioner needs for success. The overall goal of the Academy is to provide attorneys and energy professionals with a comprehensive foundation of the various aspects of the energy law sector.  Upon completion, Academy students will have a greater understanding of the major subject matter areas so they can better approach, research, and evaluate the issues their clients face.

You may participate in the EBA Energy Law Academy by taking individual courses; or enhance your overall knowledge of energy law by obtaining your  Energy Law Academy Certificate of Achievement.  

"Really good group of experience in the speakers." - EBA Member


EBA Energy Law Academy Courses include:

101: FERC Regulation of Natural Gas Purchase

106: Electric Technology for Attorneys 

102: Electricity and Electric Rate Regulation Purchase

107: Energy Trading Purchase

103: Federal Oil Pipeline Regulation Purchase

108: Environmental Law

104: Cost-of-Service Ratemaking  Purchase

109: Introduction to Hydro Power

105: Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry Purchase

110: Electric Reliability Purchase



To obtain the Energy Law Academy Certificate of Achievement,  students must complete a minimum of six courses;
  • three required courses (101, 102, 103),
  • choice of one additional course (104 or 105) and
  • three electives (106, 107, 108,109, 110).
You will be provided with an official Certificate of Achievement for display and an electronic Academy logo to include within your profile.


At this time we do not have all courses available on our e-library. We are looking to hold these courses in the upcoming years. The following courses that are available to purchase are:

  • 102: Electricity and Electric Rate Regulation 
  • 103: Federal Oil Pipeline Regulation
  • 104: Cost-of-Service Ratemaking
  • 105: Cybersecurity in the Energy Industry
  • 106: Electric Technology for Attorneys
  • 107: Energy Trading
  • 110: Electric Reliability 

Courses to be held in 2021. After 2021 the Certificate of Achievement will be obtainable via our eLibrary.

Course 102: Electricity and Electric Rate Regulation – July 2021
Course 108: Environmental Law – September 2021
Course 101: FERC Natural Gas – November 2021

Please contact Lisa Levine at  EBA if you are interested in hosting one or more of these courses inhouse,  202.223.5625.