Annual Meeting and Conference Speaker Service Center

Speaker/Moderator/Coordinator Responsibilities

Before the conference:

1.Prepare for the session, along with your co-speakers and moderator.

  • Share program outline with each speaker
  • Coordinate with co-speakers and be specific about the portion of the topic each person is to cover and the amount of time allocated.
  • Review EBA Deadlines and requirement that each session includes handouts for CLE purposes.

2.Coordinate preparation of session.

  • Hold a planning session by Zoom call to coordinate your session. If you need a Zoom call scheduled, please contact Katie Cutler at or 202-318-3550.
  • Be sure each person knows what all other speakers have been assigned to present.
  • Establish the order of presentations.
  • Ensure each person’s written outline or paper reflects his/her oral presentation and that conference deadlines are met.

3.Coordinate the submission of materials.

  • The moderator will write an overview of the session, which will become the introduction to the course materials for the session.
  • Please review all draft material to ensure the comments/ideas reflect the speaking assignment; be sure page limitations (4-10 pages, per speaker) are adhered to.
  • Build in lead-time to review the session material prior to the EBA deadline; attachments to the material should be directly related and necessary to understanding of the session.
  • All sessions (not all speakers) require CLE quality handouts.
  • All written material should be emailed to Olivia Dwelley at
  • If you also intend to use PowerPoint, moderator should collect and coordinate PowerPoint presentations so that they are in order of the speakers. Please use the conference slide template.

Send Documents

Due Dates and Milestones for Speakers and Moderators

Please submit all material as soon as possible, but no later than the following dates, through the "Send Documents" button above.

February 8th:

  • 1 - Your session coordinator should submit a Final Session Title and Description (Description should answer: "What will I learn from this session?")
  • 2 - Speakers and Moderator must complete the online Speaker & Moderator Agreement Form (above)

February 14th:

  • Send your Bio and separate photo to EBA (all speakers/moderators)

March 14th:

  • 1 - Submit CLE-quality background material (required for ALL sessions)
  • 2 - All speakers and moderators must Register for the conference. Your registration is complimentary for the day you are speaking: simply select “Day of Speaking Engagement” to register for FREE on the day you are speaking. If you do not already have an EBA profile, you will need to create on when registering. Please attend both days of the conference if your schedule allows it. We offer speakers a discounted registration rate ($375) to attend both days: simply select “Speaker Full Conference” to take advantage of the discounted rate.
  • 3 - Speakers: Download Conference PowerPoint Design Template and send your slide deck to moderator (NOT EBA). PowerPoint presentations are not required, but if you do use PowerPoint, we ask that you use the template provided.

March 25:

  • EBA room block closes. If you need hotel reservations, we urge you to make them as soon as possible.

April 5th:

  • Moderator: If any of your speakers are using PowerPoint, you must submit one consolidated slide deck for the entire session to EBA. The slidedeck MUST be in PowerPoint format.

 April 25 & April 26 – Attend Conference!

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